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Is nine and co handbag made by nine west?

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What country made nine west clothing?

Nine West like most clothing stores in the USA has its clothes imported from mostly East Asia. Inventories change but most likely the clothes come from China.

Are nine west shoes made in china?

Nine west shoes are great! Nine West shoes are mostly made in China, but other smaller East Asian countries or India may make them as well.

Where are Tignanello handbags made?

I wrote to company. The company is Italian, and all of their bags are made in China. This is the word from Mr. Marvi Beavente of VZI Investment Corp (owners of the Tignanello

Can you buy Nine West handbags on eBay?

Yes, you are able to buy a Nine West handbag on Ebay. You will be able to find it on there for a fairly cheap price if you do a little bit of digging around.

What colors do the nine west handbags come in?

Nine West handbags come in a variety of colors such as: red, black, brown, green, blue, grey, pink, tan, silver, yellow. Nine West handbags also come in patterns such as cheet

Are nine west handbags expensive?

Nine West handbags are of higher quality so, yes, they are generally more expensive than generic brands that you can buy at mass merchandisers such as Wal-Mart or Target.

Is there a knock off for nine west handbags?

Yes, there are knockoff nine west handbags. However, purchasing something that is not authentic could have a bad outcome. I would wait and save enough money to buy the authent

Are nine west handbags sold overseas?

After looking around several websites I see that most of the locations are located in the United States. Most of the information I got is that they have a great website and th

Can Nine West handbags be purchased at Macy's?

Yes! A good Macy's will usually have many big name brands and this will include Nine West. However, it is advisable to go to a big Macy's so that you won't find just shoes.

What exactly are nine west handbags?

Nine West is a very famous shoe manufacturer in the United States. It shoes are stylish and not very expensive.Nine West also has a line of handbangs. The Nine West handbags c