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Is phantasy star universe on the ps3?

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No only PSP(Sept 2010) and Xbox 360, PC, & PS2(Oct 2006)) PSU: Ambition Illuminus is a sequel for the Oct 2006 platforms (Nov 2007
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Does phantasy star online episode 1 and 2 work on xbox 360?

  No the game can not be played online due to it being an old xbox game. On Xbox.com they have a list of original Xbox games that can be played on the Xbox 360. and PSO or

How do you do fatality on Mortal Kombat vs dc universe on ps3?

You will need to look them up or print them off a website make sure you get the right ones. After you beat your opponent and it says finish him type in the code, you have to b

What is a photon drop used for in phantasy star online episode 1 2 plus offline mode?

The photon drop is actually for an online quest i believe, you can collect them and talk to a certain person and he will trade you items for the photon drops. however if (like

How do you get power points in dc universe online for the ps3?

Complete tasks, such as, tours of the different cities (Booster Gold Tours), going through challenges without being knocked out, visiting all of the various locations throutho

What are some Action Replay codes for Phantasy Star Collection for the GBA?

Phantasy Star Collection Phantasy Star Action Replay Codes (m) Must Be On 532A1F89 AB9AE7D0 BAC95E18 0D2050BE Alis- All Magic 02ED884D C36838BA Myau- All Magic D9DE745E 051

How many stars are there in the observable universe?

Answer 1: Hundreds of billions of billions. Updated: As of 2009, it was estimated to be around 1023 stars in the observable universe. However, it was recently discovered