Is plankton an animal or plant?

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The word plankton doesn't refer to a specific type of animal. it refers to all those animals which are not able to move in the water independently, in other words, they are caught up in the waters current and the current takes them anywhere and everywhere.

There is a type of organism that is often called 'plant plankton'.
Plant plankton, also known as phytoplankton, are microscopic plants which are autotrophs.

And there are also 'Animal plankton', also known as zooplankton. they carry some animal-like traits, mainly being that they are heterotrophs. They usually feed on phytoplankton.
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What is a plankton?

Plankton refers to any seabound organism that can't swim against the current, drifters. Phytoplankton Phytoplankton are minute (extremely small) plants that float on the surface or in the sunlight zone. They live up here because they use the sun to get energy. This proces known as photosynthe (MORE)

Which animals eat plankton?

Answer . Plankton consists of any drifting organisms (animals,plants,archaea or bacteria) that inhabit the pelagic zone of oceans, seas or other bodies of fresh water. They provide a crucial source of food, to more familiar aquatic organisms such as fish.. See related link below...

What if there is no plankton?

Many animals, including whales, would have problems adapting. Also, the oxygen produced by the photosynthesis of some plankton would have extremem affects on the atmosphere.

What are planktons?

tiny/small under sea creatures that eat everything, including other planktons! they usually have one eye

What do plants get from animals?

Carbon dioxide is the main thing plants get, but they also get nutrients through animal excrement and carcasses. it uses a fluid in its self called chloroplast this use of chloroplast is photo synthesis

Are plankton plants?

Planktons are small microscopic organisms that can be both plants and animals and serve as food for fish and other larger organisms.

How do you get plankton?

by using a very fine net! *ride a speedboat. *put the net UNDERwater. *wait Go to a lake BEFORE you do these stuff

Do turtles eat plant plankton?

While no living species of turtle is known to live on justplankton, there are several species that have been observedskimming accumulations of plankton.

Is plankton a plant or animal?

They say that plankton is 50/50 animal and plant. And in children's shows they are talking, green, one-eyed creatures, that can talk. But I still don't know if they are plants or animals.

Plankton what are they?

Plankton are mostly tiny animal and plant organisms that float or weakly swim in the ocean's surface waters. Some plankton are single-celled while others are multi-celled---with some forming colonies. The word plankton comes from the Greek planktos, meaning drifting or wandering. The organisms that (MORE)

Why are plants not animals?

Plants are Photosynthetic Homotrophs with cell walls, and animals are Heterotrophic Multicellular organisms. In brief: Plants can photosynthesis and "produce their own food". They have a rigid cell wall which also differentiates them from animal cells. Animals on the otherhand are multicel (MORE)

What would happen if all plant plankton suddenly disappeared?

What's known as a Cascade Effect would occur. Any species that feeds on the Phytoplankton and Zooplankton would become extinct. The filter-feeders would most likely be killed first, then the species that eats filter-feeders and so on. Most, if not all, sea life will be eradicated and leave us with n (MORE)

Scientific name for animal plankton?

Plankton (singular plankter ) are any drifting organisms (animals, plants, archaea, or bacteria) that inhabit the pelagic zone of oceans, seas, or bodies of fresh water. That is, plankton are defined by their ecological niche rather than phylogenetic or taxonomic classification.

What do plants have that animals do not have?

uhh they have stems,leaves,they dont have a brain. . Plants all contain chloroplasts in their cells, these allow the plant to photosynthesize its own food. One of the criteria of a plant is that it is autotrophic. All plant cells are surrounded by cell walls, this makes plant cells much more rigid (MORE)

Do plankton eat ocean plants?

No, plankton do not eat ocean plants. Plankton eat phytoplankton, and phytoplankton use photosynthesis to retrieve energy from the sun.

Do tuna eat plant plankton?

Of course they eat plankton if they are in a river that is. Everyriver has plankton and fish the fish will always eat planktonunless they are carnivourous.

Does a sand shark eat plant plankton?

Yes the sand shark does eat plant plankton! it thinks that it is a yummy treat for after dinner , sort of like desert. The sand shark usually finds the plankton at night time !!

What animal eats animal plankton?

whale but if your talking about phytoplankton every creature under the sea eats it! whale but tones eat it even though they dont like it it just to small

What do you get from plants and animals?

you get many things from plants and animals. from plants you get oxygen,fibers,food,paper,etc. from animals you get meat,fibers,more plants (by their dispersion.)

What do animals get from plants?

They get energy from plants as plants produce energy. Hebivourousanimals get the least energy, but the top animals of the food webgets the most energy. Plants also provide oxygen for animals

Are plants animate?

Yes they are. Depending on your interpretation of animate will affect to what extent you believe they are, but they definitely are animate. The dictionary definition will tell you something like 'partaking of or showing signs of life', which - undeniably - plants do. If you look at the etymolog (MORE)

Which animals are plankton eaters?

Plankton are a group of organisms that live the water but cannotswim against the current. They are eaten by many aquatic animalsand are a crucial food source for several of them including almostall fish larvae. Fish, sharks, and whales eat plankton.

Difference between animal plankton and plant plankton?

Plant plankton is able to extract its energy from the sun and produce its own food and drift on the surface of water. whereas though animal plankton is slightly bigger and and these tiny plankton are generally tiny shell fish which move about under water eating plant plankton

Does plankton eat aquatic plants?

No, plankton are microscopic plants and animals. They either maketheir own food from sunlight or eat other microscopic organisms.

Do plants eat plants and animals?

No, they do not they produce glucose by a process called photosynthesis the plant has chlorophyll in it and the chlorophyll traps sunlight and it also has stomata the stomata helps the plant take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen the product is glucose (their food) and oxygen

What animal is halfway an animal and plant?

The one celled "Euglena" Currently, over 1,000 species of Euglena have been described. There are many to be discovered. Some Euglena are considered to have both plant and animal features.

What underwater animals eat plankton?

Plankton aren't a single species. The term encompasses an entire world of species that simply can't swim against the current (similar to pollen in the air). Plankton account for a large portion (if not the largest portion) of the base of the aquatic food chain. If you're an aquatic creature & you do (MORE)

Are animal plankton carnivores?

No. They are herbivores. They are zooplankton, nonproducers, and eat the phytoplankton which are the plant-like producers.

Is a TickleMe Plant an animal or a plant?

I would say the TickleMe Plant is a plant with animal like characteristics. As far as I can see, the TickleMe Plant is the only houseplant that will move and close its leaves one by one or all at once when Tickled.

Is plankton a green plant?

Plankton can be plant or animal life - but the plant type of plankton is called phytoplankton, and some of those plants are in fact, green in color. See the 'Diatom' related link listed below for pictures of the green colored type of phytoplankton.

Are plant plankton producers?

Yes. Plant planktons make their own food. Also, plants maketheir food by the process of photosynthesis which is using the sunsenergy to make food.

What is an animal that eats plankton its whole life called?

All fish depend on zooplankton during their larval phase. Somespecies of fish, however, such as shad, herring, and anchovies, eatzooplankton for their entire lives. An animal that eats plankton isoften called a "filter feeder" due to the process of filtering thewater from particles of food and matte (MORE)