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Is plies baby mama shay aka bucky from flavor flav?

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Is Plies Shay aka Bucky's Baby daddy
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Who is flavor flav?

Flavor flav is a rapper who is now an actor on his own realility show Flavor Of Love

How old is plies baby mama?

her name is shay "buckeey" johnson. she is the mother of 1 year old Nijier Lanier Washington. I don't know his other baby mama names. I just know Shay because she's the only

Where can you find pictures of Plies' baby mamas?

brandy-bebo.com,myspace.com/brandy,Google.com/photos of brandy shay-bebo.com,myspace.com/shayjohnsonatl,Google.com/photos of shay Johnson the other girls are not famous en

Who is plies twins baby mama?

yes he do by kisha his newest babymama NO......First, Plies does not have twins...he has 1 son...1 child....and no one knows who the mother of his son is.

What are Flavor Flav childrens name?

Flav has six children. Their names are Shaniq, Karen, Designa, Kwan, William, and Kayla. He also has two grandchildren, Brianna and Matthew. Both grandchildren belong to his d

Is flavor flav broke?

well my good fellow i think he isn't considering he has 10000 grills and 50000000000000000000 clocks i would think not

Where is flavor flavs mansion?

i believe its somewhere in California but if its not im pretty sure its somewhere in the western side of the united states.

Who is dating flavor flav?

UHH yeahh he is datin his baby-momma from his most recent child.!. hope that answers ur question.!. )

Did flavor flav get married?

Flavor Flav is not married. He is currently engaged to ElizabethTrujillo and they have been together for over 8 years.