Is puducherry a state?

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Why would i tell you the answer noob. go do your homework with the books and learn something.
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Can a state suspend an out of state license?

Yes, it is possible. The state that you were arrested or ticketed in can send documents to the department of transporation in your state requesting suspension if the offense warranted it. The thing that has to be looked at is "was the offense committed in the current state a suspendable offense in (MORE)

What is a state?

Answer . A state can be defined in several ways, especially in politicsand regional separation. see the related link for further optionsand explanations of each. . State commonly refers to either the present condition of asystem or entity, or to a governed entity (such as a country) orsub-entity (MORE)

What is the state?

According to a popular, accepted Weberian definition, the state is an association with holds a monopoly of coercion in a given geographic region. A state, then consists of three key elements: 1. An association which holds the means to power. 2. A series of institutions by which the association (MORE)

What is the only state in the United States that is not in a state?

If the question relates to Commonwealths versus states, it'simportant to note that Kentucky, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania andVirginia are all Commonwealths, although the distinction has nolegal meaning or effect whatsoever. The District of Columbia, which includes the capital city ofWashington, D.C. (MORE)

What state is nicknamed the mountain state?

The state that is nicknamed "The Mountain State" is West Virginia.It is called this because of the large amount of rugged mountainsthat come from the Allegheny Mountains.

Is it states or States?

The plural noun 'states' (lower case s) is a common noun; a generalword for any state of any kind. Examples: . the states of Central America . states in some countries are called provinces . the states of disrepair of abandoned buildings . confusing states of mind The plural noun 'States' (cap (MORE)

What is states?

States are political regions within a nation. For example, the United States of America is divided into 50 states.

What is the hardest state for a state report?

All of them.(< Origonal answer) Oregon because your mom will make you do a whole other section on the Oregn trail on top of the 19 other sections that are assigned!!! I know from epirence. (new answer

What states have state income tax?

It is much easier to tell you the states that do not have a personal income tax. Currently in 2009 seven states (Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming) do not tax personal income

Was kentuchy state a union state?

Lincoln was especially anxious not to upset Kentucky's political leaders and drive them into the Confederate camp. He not only allowed slavery to continue there (as in the other three 'buffer-states'), but permitted Kentucky to remain neutral in the first months of the war. This diplomacy paid off (MORE)

How many states are in the American states?

The United States of America consists of . 50 states, . the District of Columbia, . the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, . the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, . the Territory of Guam, . the Territory of American Samoa, . the Territory of the United States Virgin Islands, and . seve (MORE)

How do you apply nit puducherry?

If you have given AIEEE then you don't have to do anything , you will get NIT puducherry as one of your choices in counselling process. If you haven't, then you can't apply separately for the same..

What state is bordered by 6 states?

Idaho is bordered by exactly 6 states, and by Canada. Arkansas, Iowa, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, and Wyoming are bordered by exactly 6 states. Colorado, Kentucky and Utah are bordered by 7. Tennessee and Missouri both border 8 states (the highest number).

Does bankruptcy follow you from state to state?

You think that you are bankrupt in one state and decide to live in another state, you will still be bankrupt. ans Of course. YOU are bankrupt. Wherever you are. You do not get to pick and chose what is included, (everything is), nor do you get to say where. (Obviously your creditors can be any (MORE)

What state has the biggest state fair?

Texas claims to have the greatest total attendance at their state fair but Minnesota boasts a higher daily average attendance. There are undoubtedly other reasonable ways to measure "bigness" and you might be more interested in what attractions they have to offer than just "bigness.

Does every state have a state animal?

No. Minnesota does not. Other states have only a state dog or state horse or some specific type of animal. See the related link for more information.

What state has 8 states that border it?

Tennessee and Missouri both border 8 states. . Tennessee, Missouri and Texas each borders eight other states. Tennessee shares parts of its border with Kentucky, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas and Missouri. Missouri shares parts of its border with Tennessee (MORE)

Why are state capitols in the middle of states?

Well, to begin, state capitols aren't always in the middle of states. However, there are a few. The reasoning behind placing a state capitol varies between states. Reasons for making a city a capitol have included safety, wealth, large population, moderate population, location on a body of water, an (MORE)

How do you carry a handgun from state to state?

It depends on what you mean exactly. You can transport an unloaded handgun in your vehicle while you travel as long as the handgun isn't accessible to you. However, if you have a handgun carry permit, you can carry the gun on your person in some states. That said, you can carry a handgun on your pe (MORE)

What are the 52 states in the us states?

Well, first of all there are not 52 states in the United States, there are 50. . Alabama . Alaska . Arizona . Arkansas . California . Colorado . Connecticut . Delaware . Florida . Georgia . Hawaii . Idaho . Illinois . Indiana . Iowa . Kansas . Kentucky . Louisia (MORE)

Is Oaxaca a state a city or a state?

Oaxaca is both the name of a city and state in Mexico. Oaxaca City (officially Oaxaca de Juarez) is the capital of the state of Oaxaca. The state was named after the City, much like New York state is named after New York City.

Why do state taxes vary from state to state?

States taxes vary from state to state as each state has its own state parliament. Each state has varying tax powers they can enforce, considering each state has different level of employment and gdp output the level of taxation will vary from state to state to match the economic level.

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