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Yes. If you cut yourself at a beach go straight to the water it stops bacteria from going to your wound aswell it stings a little but it perfect for healing cuts faster it is the best thing you can do.


Salt does NOT have antibacterial qualities. The reason the salty water at the beach is good for cuts and grazes is that the salt AFTER YOU GET OUT OF THE WATER helps dry the wound.

The reason dentists sometimes suggest we rinse our mouths with salty water (after extractions or when we have ulcers etc.) is that the salt-water is "isotonic" and less irritating to the mucous membranes in the mouth. It is NOT as an antibacterial agent. (This was proven in a study released in the BDJ (British Dental Journal) around 2004).


Sodium Chloride, or salt is a antibacterial agent. Salty water will cause liquids to move out of cells [be that human cells or bacterial] when it comes into contact with them. This process is called osmosis. This movement of water can dehydrate cells, and cause them to die. This process on bacteria kills them and gives salt it's antibacterial properties and is the same reason why salt was used to preserve meat.


The salt applied meat in order to preserve it was applied in vast amounts (DRY salt on the not-very-moist surface of the meat) and this caused the osmosis-led preservation you mentioned. But salt in SOLUTION does not have the same efficaciousness since it's in SOLUTION - and is vastly overwhelmed by the water. Again, this was all put to rest in an extensive study published in the British Dental Journal and other peer-review publications. 'Salt water gargles' are isotonic only.
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ABSOLUTLEY!! spray wound with daluted lysol pat on sea salt, put  a non stick gaus pad and wrap tight with vet wrap. Do this every  day untill you see improvment every other