Is sedimentary rock a mineral or a rock?

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Sedimentary rock is a type or classification of rock so designated by its method of formation. Minerals are inorganic naturally occurring solids, with a definite chemical composition and a crystalline structure.
As the question says, it is, or rather they are, rock! Like all rocks, sedimentary rocks consist of minerals.
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How do sedimentary rocks form from dissolved minerals?

Evaporation of a solution containing certain minerals may cause those minerals to crystalize, forming a solid.

Is the sedimentary rock a type of mineral?

All rocks are composed of combinations of minerals by definition. Sedimentary rocks can be composed of many different minerals and therefore cannot be classified as a specific

What are the minerals that make sedimentary rocks?

Some minerals in sedimentary rocks include halite mineral crystals which are in rock salt and gypsum mineral crystals which are in rock gypsum. Also, calcite crystals are foun

How can the mineral quartz be in igneous and sedimentary rocks?

Yes, quartz can be in both igneous and sedimentary rocks. In fact, in siliciclastic (clastic) sedimentary rocks, quartz is the most abundant mineral. Chert, a microcrystalline

Do sedimentary rocks contain minerals or crystals?

Sedimentary rock is composed of minerals. The minerals may be in the form of particles of other rocks that are made of minerals themselves, as well as the minerals of the cem

How can mineral quartz be in an igneous and sedimentary rock?

Quartz starts out as an igneous rock, but that rock can weather, it can have little pieces broken off by various processes, and those pieces can then wash away in the rain and