Is sweet gum tree good for firewood?

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Yes, gets a nice blaze, as long as it is properly seasoned.
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Sweet Gum Trees bloomime?

The sweet gum tree blooms in the spring time. Its bloom colors aregreen and yellow. This tree can grow to a height that is between 50to 75 feet.

Are Palm Trees good firewood?

Unless you have no choice, palm tree has lots of creosote and hard to burn, generates more smoke.We use it for stove cooking in the tropics and smoke hurts my eyes

Is pepper tree a good firewood? . Californa Pepper (schinus molle), is a soft, fast burning wood. Seasoned, with average or dry moisture content it i

Is Tree of heaven good firewood?

The tree of heaven can be used as a firewood. However, this type ofwood burns very hot and fast. This wood also creates a lot of ashwhen burned.

Is wood from Tree of heaven good firewood?

Yes. It burns similar to hard maple. It is easy to cut and split, and grows right back before you know it. When dry and seasoned it burns hot, slow, and clean. The smoke doesn

Are sweet gum trees Conifers?

No. Those round, woody spheres that you see falling off a sweet gum are a type of fruit called a capsule and are filled with seeds. Sweet gums are angiosperms and have flowers
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Is wood from pecan trees good for firewood?

It depends, any wood is good for a fire, but it doesnt work well if it is recently cut. u have to allow it to dry so all water from the tree can evaporate. After that it works
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Is conifer trees good firewood?

Most soft woods produce high leves of creosote when burned, as they do not burn as hot as hard woods. Conifers are soft, not very dense, and contain a lot of pitch. This can l
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Do sweet gum trees have fruit?

Yes... sort of. That spiky wooden ball is the fruit, botanically speaking. It's obviously not a culinary fruit.