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Is the actress Marlo Thomas that Girl still alive?

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Yes she is.
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Is khleo Thomas related to marlo Thomas?

No, Khleo Thomas is not related to Marlo Thomas. The only celebrities Khleo Thomas is related to are Khadeem Thomas(brother), Khameel Thomas(brother), and Khaleea Thomas(siste

Is Richard thomas still alive?

Yes! Mr. Richard Thomas is very much alive and has been very active in recent years and can often be seen in many productions including many Hallmark Hall of Fame features. In

Did marlo thomas wear wigs on that girl?

There was a book about That Girl that came out a long time ago, that stated, after the first season, she was letter he bangs grow out, but, Clairol still wanted her to have ba

Is Thomas Edison still alive?

No, he died in October 18, 1931

Did Marlo Thomas ever pose nude?

Yes! It was very controversial at the time. That Girl star Marlo Thomas posed for a nude spread in Playboy magazine.

Is Thomas Jefferson still alive?

No, he was the 3rd president of the United States of America, and died on July 4, 1826. The only way Thomas jefferson would be alive is if someone else BESIDES the 3rd preside