Is the black ops zombies app on i pod touch free?

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The lite version is, full version is $4.99.
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How do you get apps for an I pod touch on the computer?

Apps can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store. You will need an Apple Account and a PC or Mac with iTunes installed. These apps can then be synced to your iPod Touch the sa

How do you downloading free apps on i pod touch?

Go to app store, find a app that you like that says free then you will see there is a little blue rectangle that says free click that then it will say install so u click it ag

Can you get the 4th zombie level in black ops for free?

Not Legally. Call of Duty Black Ops for the Xbox 360 and PS3 is being sold as a download for $15. Now if a friend who already purchased and downloaded it came over to your hou

How do you download black ops on i pod touch?

sorry but for now there is no BLOPS game for the IPod touch but fortunately you can (only if you have money :P) you can get world at war zombies. i do hope though that treyarc