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Is the insurance quote more when the insurance is to be obtained on an international drivers license vs the quote for insurance on a valid US license?

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Probably Typically yes, most insurance companies want at least 3 years driving experience in the US and a US license.
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How do you get insurance that is required to obtain a drivers license if you do not own a vehicle?

There should be some provision for you to sign an affidavit stating that you are not required to have insurance because you don't own a vehicle.     * You may be requ

Where can you get auto insurance and not have a valid drivers license at that time?

     You can get auto Insurance without a license. This is very common. After all, You must have insurance on the vehicle you will be driving for your test at the

How do insurance companies verify a drivers license is valid?

Answer   Insurance companies have direct access to the MVR records. The results come back in code, and the insurance companies know the meaning of the codes. This is to

Does insurance cover the vehicle if the driver does not have a valid license?

It all depends on the policy. If the unlicensed driver is a named insured and the policy is active then they will be covered.   If the unlicensed driver is excluded from co

Do you need insurance if you have a drivers license?

  yeah you must have insurance,... it is the law or you could go to jailif you do not have it   Yes. If you do not have insurance and you get in an accident, then you h

Is your neighbor who has a valid drivers license insured while driving your insured car?

Answer from a General Agent  No, your neighbor is not a covered driver under your Auto Policy. The good news is that any accident your neighbor has while driving your vehicle

Can a felon obtain an insurance license?

In my state it is not possible for a felon to be a licensed insurance producer, but it could depend on the laws of your state. In my state, if you are convicted of a felony a