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Is the person that played river song in doctor who alive?

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Who is Professor River Song to Doctor Who?

River Song is a woman from the Doctor's timeline, but they keep meeting in the wrong order. It is argued whether they are supposedly married in the future, but she carries aro

Does River Song kill the Doctor?

In Season 6, "Let's Kill Hitler", River tries to kill the Doctor with poisoned lipstick. Toward the end of the episode she heals him, sacrificing all her regenerations to do s

Who does Professor River Song kill in Doctor Who?

Now, if I was to answer this question, it would rather spoil the series for you. Please wait until the answer to this question has been broadcasted on television instead of se

Who did River Song kill in Doctor Who?

There has been no proof or solid statement as to who the person River Song killed is, only speculation. I think that, considering River Song described him as the best man she

Did River Song of doctor who die and regenerate?

Yes. River Song regenerated twice - once as a child, and once as Amy's friend 'Mel'. When Mel was injured, she regenerated into the version of River Song we first saw in Silen

How did River Song remember the Doctor?

they are both time travelers so they meet in the wrong order so the doctor is going 1 way and river song is going the other way to the past that is why they do diary's it is a

How does River Song die in Doctor Who?

In Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead, the Doctor first meets her, and she meets him for the last time - she has to sacrifice herself to save the Doctor and save the re

Did River Song kill the doctor in Doctor Who?

Yes. In "Closing Time", it is shown that she is met by the eyepatch woman and two Silences. River Song is forced into a space suit, then submerged in Lake Silencio. She is see