Is the police squad from Reno 911 a real police squad?

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No it;s just a tv show with actors. Cops wouldn't do that, it's just acting.
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How long can the police use their squad cars?

Answer . Currently the most common squad car is the Ford Crown Victoria. In my department we usually see the crown vics go out of service around 100k - 120k. At that tim

What do the police drug squad do?

In addition to being responsible for enforcing all the other laws of their jurisdiction, they are usually specifically assigned to the specialty of enforcing drug and narcotic

Why is 911 the police?

911 is the common US number to reach any emergency service. The same number is used for police, fire or medical emergency.

In police longo there is the term rubber gun squad. What is a rubber gun squad?

The term "Rubber Gun Squad" is police phraseology for an Officer who is stripped of his or her service weapon for his or her own safety or the safety of others, AND placed on

Where was the first police dog squad set up and when?

The first dog squad of any Government agency was for the Railway protection Force which was set up in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. It was even before the Tamil Nadu police dog squad,

Who formed Madras Police Dog Squad?

The creation of a dog squad is the idea of the first Indian IG of Police of Madras Presidency, Mr.T.G.Sanjeevi Pillai. He was instrumental in bringing the pups from London. In
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What jobs does a police squad carry out?

Police squads carry out whatever activities that they are assigned. For example, last year, a police squad was assigned to take on the job of security for the 2012 London Oly