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Is the school allowed to touch a child?

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uuum i think dragging a child is wright because if a child is been norty running aobut then yes he shud be removed or if he refuses then yes he shud be draged out

at my private school i am 11 and teacher are alloud to do this
i got a 3rd card for swearing and ye i desredved it the teacher came over and draged my collor and pulled me up
asking me lots of times to stand up wich i wudnt so i see why she draged me then she picked me out of my seat with my collor took me outside asked me to walk up the wall wich i didnt so she called help then they both draged me up hall one with my collor and one with my legs but they did rip my shirt wich was abit wroung but at end of day it was my fauly and then we talked and she sent me away with a pat on the back :)
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