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Is the word Riga feminine in Italian?

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Is animali feminine or masculine in Italian?

Masculine is the gender of 'animali' in Italian. It's pronounced 'AH-nee-MAH-lee'. This is the plural form of the masculine noun. The singular form is 'animale', which is pro

Is the Italian word 'cognome' masculine or feminine?

Masculine is the gender of the Italian word cognome . Specifically, the Italian word is a masculine noun that means "family name, last name, surname." Its singular defini

Is the Italian word for 'television' feminine?

Yes, the Italian word for "televison" is feminine in gender. The pronunciation of the feminine singular noun televisione will be "TEY-ley-vee-ZYO-ney" in Italian.

What is the feminine of 'Signor' in Italian?

 Signora is a feminine form of 'Signor'. It's a feminine gender noun that means 'Madam, Ma'am, lady'. Its masculine equivalent, 'Signor', means 'Sir, gentleman'. They're pr