Is there a bio or photos of geraldine Edwards the groupie that the character penny lane of almost famous was based on?

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No, there is no biography of Geraldine Edwards. She has expressed no interest in having one created and she has been asked. There are a few pictures of her on the Internet, one of her walking with Robert Palmer at an awards show and another of her and Robert Palmer sitting on the beach taken near his beachfront Del Mar Estate at Blackstar Beach. And she is the model on Robert Palmer's 1975 Pressure Drop. She was Robert Palmer's girlfriend at the time of his death. There was another picture of her walking in London with her brother-in-law and her husband. And there was one of her walking at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel with Eric Clapton from the seventies. She has stated that she prefers that her image not be posted to the Internet, however. She is a private person. There is some information about her available through credible sources, i.e., friends and associates of hers. She only gave two interviews in her life, both in the seventies, and decided that she would give no others. I am sure she thinks there are other people more newsworthy than her. She was born in San Diego, California, in the fifties. Her full name is Geraldine Angel Edwards. She attended Clairemont High School in the seventies, and went on to attend College earning her Associates in Paralegal Studies. She eventually earned her Masters in Paralegal Sciences and Business Administration. She started going backstage to Rock Concerts in 1971, on a lark. She wanted to see if she could do it. She was more than successful at this. The first person who invited her backstage was Peter Wolf who was then in the J. Geils Band. And the rest as they say, is history. She has dated a whos who of musicians, including Eric Clapton, Roger Daltry, Rick Springfield, Rod Price and many others. She was close to many in the music scene, including a couple of Record company presidents, vice-presidents and two Record Company owners. She continued going backstage until 1977. The last concert she went backstage to in 1977 was the Who, where she met Roger Daltry, at the San Diego Sports Arena. From then on she would only occasionally attend her friends concerts, and not on a regular basis. Her parents names were Tamara and Samuel Edwards. Both are now deceased. She has four siblings, William, Daniel, Roxanne and Allison and ten nieces and nephews. She has no children. She is married to a Medical/Legal Expert by the name of Anthony Flemming-Mueller. They have been married since 2006, and met in early 2004. She is a small business owner since the nineties. She has worked in the field of law since 1980. She worked for the Attorney General's Office for the State of California for a number of years. She is now working as a Legal Administrator. She has received offers on two occasions to write a memoir about her personal experiences. She has politely declined those offers. She respects peoples privacy. She has had an interesting life and has some interesting relatives. She was the County Psychic for the City of San Diego for three years. Her relatives include Douglas Edwards, the first newscaster on television. He was her second cousin. Her great grandfather was Aleister Crowley on her mothers side. And her grandfather on her father's side was a Circuit Court Judge. One of her paternal aunts dated and almost married R.J. Reynolds Jr., but changed her mind. She has some interesting people in her family. About her experiences as a groupie, she has said to those close to her that she was glad to have had the experiences, but that life is an ongoing process. You can not live in the past. And according to her friends, she is enjoying her life now, and always has at least three irons in the fire at any given time. She is definitely ambitious and goal oriented, just not about getting personal publicity for herself. She is very happy in her marriage and in her life.
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Was geraldine Edwards Robert palmers girlfriend and the woman who dated Eric clapton rick springfield roger daltry and others the woman almost famous was written about?

Yes she was. Geraldine Edwards met Cameron Crowe in San Diego, California, in 1975 backstage at the San Diego Sports Arena. At the time Cameron Crowe was interested in being a

Is it true that geraldine Edwards the late Robert palmers girlfriend and the woman almost famous was written about helped mix the sound on the winter bros Frankenstein live?

According to Rodney Bingenheimer's interview with Geraldine Edwards which took place in 1975, that is true. Geraldine Edwards met the legendary Shelley Yakus, who is hands dow

Where are any photos of geraldine Edwards?

Geraldine Edwards does not release photos of herself to the internet. Although she is not reclusive, the opposite would be true, she prefers to keep her likeness private. On f

What happened to Geraldine Edwards the rock muse Penny Lane was based on in Almost Famous and Robert Palmer's fiancee?

Geraldine Edwards is now married and has been since 2006. She met her husband in 2004 shortly after her fiancee, Robert Palmer, died. She lives in Los Angeles and is a Legal A

What happened to Sable Starr Lori Maddox and Geraldine Edwards who were well known as the baby groupies in the seventies?

Sable Starr, whose actual name was Sable Shields, was born in 1958. She came from a wealthy family, her father was a very successful attorney and her mother a local Los Angele

Is it true that Geraldine Edwards the rock muse Almost Famous was based on dated Sir Anthony Hopkins?

Geraldine Edwards, who is now in her fifties and happily married, did date a who's who of celebrities, most of them in the music industry. In the eighties, when she was twenty

How would I be able to contact Geraldine Angel Edwards the groupie Amost Famous was based on to create a website for her and does she have a facebook or other site I can reach her at?

You are not the first person to ask that question. The bottom line is that Geraldine Angel Edwards is not interested in having a Web site created for her and apparently she ne

Is Geraldine Edwards the rock groupie Almost Famous was based on and the late Robert Palmer's fiancee an attorney?

No, she is not. I am a friend of her oldest nephew, who is forty years old, by the way. Although I will not mention his name, he works as an Associate Attorney at the law firm
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What is the middle name birthday and place of birth of Geraldine Edwards the rock muse Almost Famous was based on?

Geraldine Edwards, the rock muse, was born Geraldine Angel Edwards on June 13, 1957 in Los Angeles County. On a couple of occasions people wrote that she was born in San Diego
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Did geraldine edwards the rock muse robert palmers fiancee and one of the women almost famous was written about join the order of the golden dawn?

No, Geraldine Edwards is not a member of The Order of the Golden Dawn. Geraldine Edwards great grandfather was a member of the Order, and although certain people expressed an
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Does Geraldine Edwards the rock muse who was engaged to Robert Palmer and one of the inspirations for Almost Famous have a Facebook account that I can write to and what name what it be under?

I am friends with Geraldine Edwards' niece who works for her aunt at her law firm in Los Angeles as an attorney. No, Geraldine Edwards does not have a Facebook account under a
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What is the story behind the Wikipedia editor who was convicted of internet harassment against Geraldine Edwards the inspiration for penny lane in almost famous and Robert palmers fiancee?

It is true that Geraldine Edwards, now Geraldine Flemming-Mueller,she's been married for over eight years now to her husband AnthonyFlemming-Mueller, was attacked via the Inte