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Is there a code to go to firecat alley in wizard 101?

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how to get to fire cat alley without paying
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How do you get a friend code in wizard 101?

On your friends list there is a red button at the bottom, not the x, click on that button and then choose get true friend code, after that give your code to a friend so you ca (MORE)

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How do you go krokotopia in wizard 101?

You compleate all of the main storyline quests in Wizard City. That means Unicorn Way, Triton Avenue, Cyclops Lane, Firecat Alley, and defeating Lord Nightshade. To see the qu (MORE)

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Where is the firecat alley smith on wizard 101?

If you go all the way down Firecat Alley to the ramp, go down and up. Ignore the bridges that are to your left. Next, locate the Fireglobe Theater. Go to the patch of grass on (MORE)

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Where do you put in codes for wizard 101?

  NOT IN THE WORLD LOG IN!!! You must go to the website and log-in. After that you will see something that says codes where the log-in pad is. Click on it. Another page wi (MORE)

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What are codes for wizard 101?

  some of them is erle,frog,land,special gift and that ia all i know   SummerDragon and SevenEleven both allow you to run around with a new pet. You only get a choice o (MORE)