Is there a comma after Jr or Sr?

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A comma would be used both before and after the designations of "Jr." or "Sr.," as long as the sentence continues. If the designation is at the end of the sentence, then a comma is used only before it.

For example:John James, Sr., was well regarded in the community. However, the community had no use for John James, Jr.
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Should a comma be used before Jr and Sr in a person's name?

Yes. Example: "Martin Luther King, Jr." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If the name is written

Do you separate the suffix Jr with a comma?

noooooooooooooooooo actually, there is a specific comma rule that pertains to this - A comma would be used both before and after the designations of "Jr." or "Sr.," as long

When the Sr dies is the Jr still Jr?

Since the use of "Jr." and "Sr." is usually to help distinguish between a father and son, both of whom are still living, the son can drop the "Jr." after the father dies, if h

Do you add a comma before Jr or Sr or III in a name?

No comma is necessary before "Jr.", "Sr.", and the like. Nocomma has ever been necessary before "III", "IV", etc. From theChicago Manual of Style ( . But

What is Jr or Sr?

Jr is Junior and Sr is Senior. They are often added to names when a father(Sr) and son(Jr) share the same name. They are also used when two people with the same name are not

Who is Jr or sr?

When there are two people of the same name, adding "Jr.", for "Junior", after the name identifies the younger of the two. Adding "Sr," for "Senior," after the name identifies

Can a woman be a Sr or Jr?

A woman who has the same name as a female parent or child is not usually called a Sr. or Jr. but it is occasionally done. Perhaps the most prominent example is the daughter of
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Should you put a comma before a Jr or Sr?

Yes, the Jr and Sr are descriptors that are not part of the name, so would normally be used with a comma, as:. Andrew, Jr.. or. Andrew, Sr.
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How do you write Jr or Sr?

Normally you write it like this Junior : Example : Frank W. Shaft Jr. For Senior it is the same way: Frank W. Shaft Sr.