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Is there a connection between narcissism and bisexuality?

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No study or research at any time has shown any connection whatsoever.
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Who is bisexual?

In the case of humans, a bisexual would be anybody whom carry a desire (sexual or emotional) for both men and women. Bisexual and homosexual characteristics have been seen in

What do you have to do be bisexual?

To know if you are bisexual or not you have to only ask yourself one question: Am I sexually attracted to both male and females? That's it. If you answered yes to the question

Who are bisexuals?

Bisexuals are people who attracted to both male and female. Also romantic to the same sex. It doesnt matter to them. They feel comfortable with either sex

What is the difference between pansexual and bisexual?

Bisexuality is being attracted to two ("bi") sexes, men and women. Pansexuality is being attracted to many ("pan") different kinds of bodies - men, women, transsexuals, transv

Is there a correlation between adopted persons and narcissism?

Answer   Yes! Narcissism is the result of inadequate, chaotic or inconsistent "mirroring" in early life. "Mirroring" means: the many times every day when a stable consisten

What is the difference between healthy narcissism and pathological narcissism?

Healthy narcissism is self-love. What is the difference between self-love and narcissism and how does it affect the capacity to love others? There are two differences: (a) in

How can you tell the difference between Bipolar and Narcissism?

BIPOLAR IS A MOOD DISORDER    It makes a person moody. Bipolar is caused by imbalanced brain  chemistry. It is very treatable. There are three levels of bipolar.  Som

What is bisexual?

its where a person likes both genders, theres and the opposite. They sometimes lean more one way than the other, but not always this is person that is willing to have a person

Is there a link between narcissism and a fixation with anal sex?

How coincidental that this question should arise. And though it might seem a bizarre, or even lewd, question, in my experience, it's not. My experience? Well, I was with a wom

What is the connection between narcissism and shame?

There are two varieties of shame: 1. The Narcissistic Shame ("shamelessness") which is the experience of the Grandiosity Gap (and its affective correlate). Subjectively it is

Is there a difference between narcissism and malignant narcissism?

  Apparently there is but be very careful because it is often stated that even the experts have trouble telling the difference between these two definitions and even betwe

What is the link between narcissism and addiction?

    There are many, but for the link between Narcissism and sexual fantasy and porn addiction please visit the link below.     Kim Cooper author of "Back from