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Is there a law regarding condo fees I live in a four-unit condo One of the members has not paid his condo fee for 7 months?

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Yes, and the law is a local state law, plus the governing documents under which the association operates the property.

Read your governing documents and follow the guidelines there to collect the past-due assessments.
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If your condo goes into foreclosure do you still owe the condo fees?

Yes, until the bank is the owner. The fact you're in foreclosure doesn't change the fact utilities need to be paid as well as your staff.     It's not only the bank th

How can I reduce my condo association fees?

Your monthly assessments pay bills for services all owners benefit from, in common.  For example, landscaping, sewer and water, refuse pick-up, master insurance policy premi

What is included in condo fees?

Depends on the association. You pay assessments monthly, and they are an automatic part of condominium ownership, usually.  You can ask your treasurer for a copy of the annua

Can a condo be foreclosed for not paying association fees?

They usually don't foreclose for a condo fee, but they will place a lien on the home, meaning it cannot be sold until the lien is resolved. You can read all about the associa

What is included in a condo fee?

You can review the categories of services included in your annual  budget to determine what is covered by your assessments. Generally,  your assessments pay the costs of ope

What is Alaska condo law regarding nonpayment of fees?

Your governing documents will give you the answer you want. Typically, the board files a lien against the owner's title for unpaid assessments with the local court. As a last

What is considered cheap for condo fees?

Condominium associations develop a budget each year to pay the anticipated operating costs of the condominium community in the next year. If you live in a condominium communi

Do you have to pay condo fees if condo board does not follow guidelines?

Yes. Apparently, your question implies that using your leverage by not paying your assessments will change the behaviour of the board. This is not a valid assumption. Read

What condo association fees cover?

Every condominium association, which is the business that protects, maintains and preserves the real estate assets that you own communally with all the other unit owners, requ

How often are liens on condo fees updated?

If your association has filed a lien on a title for unpaid assessments, the board worked with an association-savvy attorney to file the formal lien. Depending on the type of

Do you have to pay condo fees if you cannot get into condo due to fire?

Yes. One key benefit of an HO-6 -- condominium owners' insurance policy -- is the option to insure against loss of habitation, which can include paying your assessments durin