Is there a roster of Co A 10th Inf Battle of the bulge at Ardennes France in 1944-1945?

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Edit: Morning reports and rosters for infantry companies are in the National Archives. You can contact them ( and ask very nicely, and if you are extremely lucky and your request is assigned to a knowledgeable person who feels like exerting the effort, you might get them to send a copy. You'd want to narrow the date range, because there were changes to the roster of a company almost daily. Typically, this is the sort of information you have to ferret out yourself with an in person visit to the Archives. From the archives you can also request, using the form obtainable from their website, the personnel records of individual soldiers. These are confidential for seventy-five years after discharge, but if you set forth some good reason for asking, such as the records requested are those of a family member, they will send them. Sometimes they charge a fee for copying. The 10th Infantry was one of the three infantry regiments in the 5th Infantry Division. Probably every US division, and some regiments (which were smaller subdivisions) published histories right after the war, usually through the Infantry Journal Press. These are long out of print, but can be found from time to time on eBay, not inexpensively though. Some have been reprinted by Battery Press, of Nashville, Tennessee. However, typically these unit histories will not include a roster of every man who served in the unit. There is usually a Roll of Honor of those killed, and often a list of those who were decorated, and those lists usually mention the company assignment of the individual soldier. But, once you have nailed down the dates the person you are researching was with the unit, these unit histories offer the best easily accessible source of detailed information about the day to day operations in which that individual took part. Much easier than seeking out After Action reports by company officers, which again usually has to be done in person at the National Archives. Most of these unit histories rely extensively on and quote verbatim from those After Action reports. Company A was one of the three rifle companies (also called line, or letter companies), A, B and C, which with Heavy Weapons Company D made up the 1st Battalion of the 10th Infantry. (Shorthand: A 1/10). If you're researching a family member I urge you to persevere. The ffort will be worth it. Best of luck.
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What was the Battle of the Bulge?

The Battle of the Bulge was not a single battle, but a major push(the Ardennes Offensive) by the German army during the last winterof World War II. Facing Allied advances across a wide front, Hitlerordered a concentrated attack to drive toward the Dutch port ofAntwerp through the Ardennes Forest. It (MORE)

When was the Battle of the Bulge?

Battle of the Bulge Dates The battle started December 16, 1944 and lasted until January 25, 1945. There were two Allied army groups being massed up for the invasion of Germany itself and in the middle was the Ardennes forest where new recruits and fatigued veterans went to calm down. In this (MORE)

Where was the Battle of the Bulge?

The Ardennes, Belgium, at the Seigfried line In the Ardennes, the border of Germany & Belgium. The battlewas the result of a surprise counter attack by the German army.Many Americans believe this surprise attack cost many livesneedlessly. It has been claimed by many sources that alliedintelligence g (MORE)

What was the conclusion of the Battle of the Bulge during the years of 1944 through 1945?

The German counter attack came as a great shock. Although the panzer thrusts were of limited strategic value in the long term their penetration of the Allied line was devastating for a time. However ultimately the Germans made no gains whatsoever. I cannot think the Allies were intending to do anyth (MORE)

What was the significance of the Battle of the Bulge?

It was the failed, last-ditch German offensive the significance was that Hitler was planning to take Antwerp spliting the allied forces and was the last offense the Germans made. It began on December 16, 1944 and lasted for one month. At first the Gemans were making good progress but at the town of (MORE)

Where can you find information about the 141st Gun Bn Europe and the Battle of the Bulge in 1944-45?

Need Clarification === First I have to assume you refer to an American unit. Then I assume you refer to the 141st Field Artillery Battalion . The 141st Field Artillery Battalion served in the following campaigns: Naples-Foggia(ground- Italy) Anzio (Italy) Rome-Arno (Italy) Southern France (MORE)

What city were the Germans trying to capture in the battle of the bulge on Dec 1944?

Antwerp, Belgium was the primary goal of the Battle of the Bulge. Hitler wanted to destroy this port which the Allies were using to supply their west European front. It would also split the Allies into two forces with the British on the northern side of the breach and the Americans on the southern s (MORE)

In which countries was the Battle of the Bulge fought?

the battle of the bulge was fought in belguim. The battle took place in France and Belgium. The primary location was the Forest of Ardennes in the dead of winter. The Germans' objective was to establish a split in the Allied lines.

What can you tell me about this Tec 5 co f 328th inf?

Answer. Tec 5 = Rank Tech 5 was an enlisted rank who wore 2 stripes with a "T" that designated a technical rank.. co f = Company F . An Infantry Regiment consisted of 12 companies, divided into 3 battalions. Company E, F, G, H would be in the 2nd Battalion.. 328th Inf = 328th Infantry Regime (MORE)

Who was the general at the Battle of the Bulge?

The key allied generals were as follows: Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower - Supreme Allied Commander Gen. Omar N. Bradley - Head of the 12th Army Group Gen. Courtney Hicks Hodges - commanded the U.S. First Army in Northwest Europe Gen. George S. Patton - Leading U.S. Army general in World War II i (MORE)

What was the bulge in the battle of the bulge?

The "bulge", as seen on a map of the areas of control by the Allies and the Germans, was an area of the front that became extended (bulged) into the mostly American lines in the Ardennes region of Belgium and Luxembourg. The Germans had hoped to break through to the river Meuse and surround vario (MORE)

What was the battle of Ardennes?

The Battle of Ardennes is also referred to as The Battle of the Bulge. The Ardennes Forest is in France and Belgium. It was the last major offensive of the Germans in World War 2.

Where did the bulge occur at the battle of the bulge?

The battle took place in Ardennes Mountains region in Belgium, elsewhere in Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany. *The 'Bulge' was the general region of the Ardennes Forrest in Belgium, primarily around the town of Bastogne as in order to control the region and the local supply routes, one must have c (MORE)

The bulge in the Battle of the Bulge was?

The 'bulge' was the frontline that protruded out in the region of the Ardennes Mountains (specifically around the town of Bastogne). The Allied forces at that time had control of the area and Nazi forces sought the region to be 100% necessary to take, as the town of Bastogne gave full access to the (MORE)

How many Germans died in the battle of ardennes?

The Germans did not report casualty totals for the battle, so precise numbers are impossible. Based on the number evacuated to the east during the relevant period, who were probably almost all wounded during the battle, the inference can be drawn that the German casualty totals were approximately e (MORE)

Is there a roster of Co A tenth Inf Battle at Ardennes 44-45?

I searched for a roster of the 10 Infantry and the 10th Armored Division in the Battle at Ardennes/Alsace. I could find notations about them but no roster. Perhaps you should contact the 10th infantry or 10 Mountain Infantry at their website or consult the Oxford Military History Companion.

How did Germany prepare for The Battle of Bulge?

The Germans pulled back and left a Bulge around the town of Bastogne. The Americans seized it with the 101st Airborne Division. They set up a perimeter and then, the Germans moved in around the Americans, and then attacked the perimeter. This action the created the "Bulge", and began The Battle of t (MORE)

How was the battle of the bulge solved?

Every g.i. Had to score points to "earn" a discharge home. 85 points was the benchmark; which could be accumulated by ribbons, years of service and surviving the battle of the bulge! By using one free hand and holding a picture of rita hayworth, betty grable, or Jane Russell, with the other hand...t (MORE)

Where wasthe battle of the bulge?

The Battle of the Bulge (officially called Operation Watch on the Rhine by the Germans and the Ardennes-Alsace Campaign by the Americans) was fought in Belgium. The "Bulge" refers to a large bulge (approx 50 miles deep and 35 miles across) in the Allied front line where the Germans pushed the Al (MORE)

What was the overall effect of the Battle of the Bulge?

It was the last major offensive by Nazi Germany. The Allied forces fought valiantly through the Ardennes, Belgium, and finally, the Sigfried Line (the only thing stand between Germany and the Allies). The Sigfried Line was sometimes referred to as "The Dragon's Teeth", for two reasons: -The Allies (MORE)

Who saved battle of the bulge?

General Pattons's armoured forces then the sky cleared giving the allied air powder to see and strike German forces and equipment trying to escape the 'bulge' area.............

How did the us win the battle of the bulge?

Overwhelming forces and the lack of proper supplies, gas being onefor Germans. The Germans were also hampered by the fact to succeedthey had to cross a number of rivers which the Alliessystematically destroyed before the Germans could cross them

Where was the battle of ardennes waged?

"The Ardennes was a region of extensive forests, rolling hills and old mountains primarily in Belgium and Luxembourg, but stretching into France" (wikipedia)

Who lead the US in the Battle of the Bulge?

That would depend on the US forces in question. Brig. General Anthony C. McAuliffe commanded the forces encircled at Bastogne, and Lt. General George Patton lead Third Army to relieve them. General Dwight Eisenhower was the overall commander of Allied forces.

What are the main events in the battle of the bulge?

The main events were the Seige of Bastogne, The battle for St. Vith, the Malmedy Massacre, Patton relieving Bastogne in Decembver 26, 1944 ,and Allied forces erasing the bugle from December 26- January 25.

What was the significance of the battle of the battle of the bulge?

the significance was that Hitler was planning to take Antwerp spliting the allied forces and was the last offense the Germans made. It began on December 16, 1944 and lasted for one month. At first the Gemans were making good progress but at the town of Bastogne the 101st airborne held the town until (MORE)

What was significantabout the battle of the bulge?

The Battle of the Bulge was important to the Germans because their supply lines were cut off and they need to control Bastogne in order for their supplies of fuel for tanks and ammo for their troops could get through. The Americans were hampered by the cold weather and overcast skies and could not g (MORE)

What was the target of the battle of bulge?

To keep the front line where it was. The Germans massed a huge push that broke through the Allied lines and pushed them back several miles at that point in the line. Instead of being a smooth front line, there was suddenly a huge "bulge" in it. The goal of that battle was to regain the lost territor (MORE)

What were the main goals for the battle of the bulge?

The Battle of the Bulge was fought between December 1944 - January 1945. It was fought in the Ardennes Forrest in Belgium. For the Americans, the ultimate goal is to push back the Germans back into Germany and enter the country to make them surrender. For the Germans, they had to stay put and defend (MORE)

Why did Germany loose the battle of the bulge?

Another huge mistake by Hitler. He thought by splitting the Americans from the British forces and going all the way to the Port at Antwerp, he could obtain a separate peace from the British and Americans and concentrate on the Eastern Front. It was disastrous. He lost many experienced fighting men, (MORE)

Who began the battle of bulge?

It was the Germans. Nazi Germany launched an attack onto theardennes as it was Hitler's last desperate attempt to regaincontrol of WW2 in Europe.

Why was the battle of bulge important to the allied?

The Battle of the Bulge was quite a important battle for the alliesfor few reasons. Someof those reasons are that; . It was the final major German offence in WW2. . If the allies were victoriouse, it would crush the Germanmoral . If the allies failed, it would boost German morale and wouldresult (MORE)

What was Hitler's strategy at the Battle of the Bulge?

The Germans tried to drive a wedge between American and British forces and reach Antwerp, the supply port for allied supplies, thus interrupting allied advance. But the German attack failed and German forces were pushed back.

What was the 1944 Battle of the Bulge about?

Early on the misty winter morning of 16 December 1944, over 200,000 German troops and nearly 1,000 tanks launched Adolf Hitler's last bid to reverse the ebb in his fortunes that had begun when Allied troops landed in France on D-day. Seeking to drive to the English Channel coast and split the Allied (MORE)

Why was the battle of bulge a significant battle?

Ir was a last big push of the Germans to attempt to win or at least slow the loss to the American, British, French, forces attacking Germany from the west. If they had met their objectives the war may have been extended for at least another year.