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Is there a short story with lots of dialog?

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Anything by Ernest Hemingway is heavy on the dialogue.
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Can a story be all dialog?

Yes. There are plays and short stories that are all dialogue. It is hard to pull off, but it is possible.  But maybe if it's not acted and it's only written, you will have to

How do you write good dialog for your novel or story?

Dialogue means writing down the way that people speak and communicate. Dialogue does several things in writing: . it gives the reader information . it adds depth to the cha

What is a short story?

A short story is a written work, but usually under 10,000 words. It has fewer characters than a complete story, and the plot is usually complete within a few pages. In addit

What does dialog look like in a story?

"Dialogue," the teacher said, "looks exactly like this." "You change the paragraph when you change speakers," added the writer. "Remember to use quotation marks and correct p

Which stories are the oldest short stories from?

There are incidents in the Bible called Parables, which are in a sense Fiction, and may or may not have happened in real life- such as the Good Samaritan. if it was true, woul

1 Write short notes on dialog boxes in VB?

The common dialog box in visual basic is an insertable control that allows users to display a number of common dialog boxes in their program. These include Open and Save As fi

How short is a short story?

It is not the length although most our under 800 words but they can be any amount one famous short story is 15,000 words. It is what is included in it a short story has very l

What does dialog mean in a story?

the conversation in the story using quotes. For example "Go get the book " said Jill. "No , im too lazy " screamed Jacky.

What are the purposes of dialog in stories?

TO help you better identify with the characters as a person. If you read a book, and pay attention while usually it's one writer but each character, if the writer is descripti

What is dialog in a story?

When the characters talk to each other or to themselves. "Hello Odephius" "Hello stranger. May I feel your face."

How can dialog be recognized in a story?

All dialogue in a story will have quotations around it. It will be in a separate paragraph from any other dialogue, but it may have descriptions around it -- most writers incl

Does a story have dialog?

It depends on the type of story. I'll give a few examples: A school paper (Even RELA): Not usually, but if you feel like you can pull it off in an unlikely case, go for it!