Is there another fuse box besideds the one under the dash in a 1989 Trans Am GTA?

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There MIGHT be one in the engine compartment on the driver's side inner fender. Look for a small, black plastic box with a removable lid.
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Is there another fuse under the dash for the radio in a Dodge Neon?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nThere is a fuse in the fuse panel and there may also be an in-line fuse. Follow the radio power wire from the fuse panel to the radio. If it has an in-line fuse you will find it.\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nThe other fuze for the radio is under the hood in the black (MORE)

Where is the fuse box besides the one under the hood for a 2004 Dodge Caravan?

Owner's manual. Answer Owner manual states other "fuses"are self resetting type.Of course they refer you to dealer.Am having same problem w/relatives mv,am a gm mech. and find it hard to believe any manufacturer would refer you to dealer for this.Am about to call in a favor to a and wil (MORE)

On a 2003 Lincoln Continental is there just one fuse box located under the hood?

Ok, first of all Lincoln didn't make a 2003 Continental, there last year model was 2002, so I'm gonna guess you made a mistake on that. Second for your question yes, there is just one fuse box under the hood, its located on the drivers side to the right of the battery and brake reservoir and booster (MORE)

You have no headlights dome or parking lights on your 1991 E350 ford van there is no power to the switch The fuses are all ok under the dash Is there another fuse box or place to check?

Answer . Check both ends of connections carefully at the starter solenoid near battery and make sure grounds are clean on both ends. Good luck.. OR- check the fuses under the hood.... I had a similar problem on my 95 Ford E350. Solution was to replace the 60 amp fuse (3rd inline counting from b (MORE)

Lighter wont work 1992 Mazda protege checked fuse box under dash and fuse box under hood?

Answer . \nYou should find one single wire (red) running to the back of the lighter socket. It is eithe broken or frayed some place in that wire. The lighter is already grounded through the cars body. Trace the wire down to the fuse box and run a complete new wire! At the very worst, the light (MORE)

How do you locate fuse box for dash board lights rpm speedometer and gas gauge etc. Is there another fuse box besides the one under the hood beside the battery on a 2003 grand caravan sport?

Need to see Dealer . I checked the Chilton Repair Manual for the 2003 Grand Caravan. According to that book, the fuse for the dash board lights is a self-resetting fuse that must be serviced by the dealer. Its somewhere under the dash, and apparently cannot be replaced or reset by the user. Kind (MORE)

How does the diagram of Kia 1998 sephia fuse box under the dash look like?

Answer . \nWhen you open door and look down to where your foot pedals are, look to the left and you will see the plastic trim around foot well, you will then see a pull out section of plastic trim, when you remove this panel cover you will find the fuses, on the backside of the plastic cover it (MORE)

Where is the under dash fuse box on a 2006 Dodge Caravan?

can not find either with help of a radio tech took dash apart on driver's side no signs of fuse box are we that thick looking for cruise control fuse not under the hood with the others The only fuse box is the one under the hood next to the battery.

Where can you find a copy of the diagram on the fuse box cover of the fuse layout under the dash in a Datsun 720?

The availability of diagrams will depend on a few variablesincluding the year of your vehicle and how much of the vehicle isfactory original. For original equipment diagrams, check your localauto parts stores for repair books for your specific vehiclepublished by companies such as Chilton's or Hayne (MORE)

What is the loud ticking noise coming from the fuse box under the dash in a 1999 Ford Taurus?

this type of noise is usually created by one of the relays, within the fuse box. Open the box, locate the bank of relays(little square box's(larger than a fuse)) and when it is making a "clicking" noise, gently rest finger on each one and you will feel the vibration. Simply look at fuse box diagram (MORE)

The front power auxillary ports do not work in your 2006 Chevy Impala The one on the rear of the console works fine The fuse under the dash is fine Is there another fuse or relay that you can check?

Had the same problem on my 2006 impala. The fuse (20amp) in the box under the passenger side dash was blown. There was also another fuse (25 amp) under the hood (passenger side) in that fuse cluster that was also blown. Replaced both fuses and all auxillary ports work fine. Understanding that any ti (MORE)

Where is the fuse box in a Rx7 1989?

There are two separate fuse boxes in a 1989 RX-7. One is located in the engine compartment, on the driver's side, under a black cover. It contains the main fuses that control engine management, headlights, and other large electrical draws. The second fuse box is under the driver's side dash board, a (MORE)

Where is fuse box on a Peugeot 807 not the one under bonnet?

Right hand side of dashboard is where its located. Look below steering wheel and you will find a small plastic flap off to the right hand side near to the door pillar. It has a slot in the top. Insert a small coin or screwdriver into the slot and turn it. You will now be able to remove the flap. Loo (MORE)