Is there any bebo proxy sites that are blocked?

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kwang proxy
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How do you block Bebo?

what do u mean block bebo for a network or jsut your browser and if u have a firewall or av u can just go onto one of them and go to block and add

Is there any sites for Bebo that workplz?

well if you wanna get on bebo at school an dat yhuu have to go on this . . you didnt get it from me ,, did you ? . hope this helps . bye . --- . H

Why Bebo is blocked?

If you are under 13 and your parents have a child security wall , you can't use bebo.

How do you bypass a surf-block That completely blocks the internet and I can't do anything Can't use any proxy sites either?

press the start button then click on help and support. in the searh bar at the top left search for "proxy" without the " ". then look under the 2nd results tab, last option. c

What proxy site that are not blocked?

Try, but it might not work. certen proxy's are not blocked in certin areas it all depends on where u live, and the school u go to

Are there any sites for kids like bebo?

Yes! There Is! There is this site called ChatBuk. It really helps because you can chat on it and everything. It includes games too. It really helps if you are looking fo

Is there any sites that aren't blocked?

Yes. There are lots of sites that aren't blocked. I can't answer questions about what may or may not be blocked from your school/library/workplace computers, because you thou