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An acronym for ‘Blog Early, Blog Often,' Bebo is a social networking website currently owned by Criterion Capital Partners. It is multilingual and can be shared worldwide with Facebook or AIM/AOL. Users have their own profile pages where they can add others as friends, post blogs, questions, answers and comments, and share photographs, videos and music.

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What does the mac miller thumbs up mean?

Mac Miller's a rapper from Pittsburgh and something he says in a lot of his songs is "thumbs up" ...
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Bebo whiteboard cheat?

Download bebot and run it
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How can you view private bebo account?

You simply can't. Only way you can as add them as a friend. IF YOU KNOW THEM, add them! :) ...
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What is the full name Claire Holt's?

She doesn't have a middle name or whatever.
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How did the nirvana smiley face come about?

there was a bar in Washington that had this smiley face as a logo outside and the band made it their own. ...
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How can i get loose change out of my home dryer?

This is the way I saved a few hundred dollars over a span of a few months while collecting loose change. I first cleaned out all my purses. I found an abundance of loose change and started to collect it in a old bucket. I then proceeded to empty all my junk drawers, cleaned under the couch pillows and even scoured my car for scattered loose change. Anytime I was at a grocery store, coffee shop, etc, I NEVER paid with exact...
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How Do You Create A Bebo Fansite?

Go to your profile Scroll down to where your bands are Just under the word bands, a small bit to the right click 'surf' Just above the pictures of our bands click 'register band' Fill in the details and click 'register' Your band is made and you are a band member A band is made into a fansite by calling it "xyz fanclub" or "we luv xyz" Have fun! ...
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What is psycho- graphic profile?

its when kush brakes up 2 small and when the blunt is rolled to tight
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How do you do the slanted smiley face?

This? ツ Just copy and paste it. This is not a smiley face, this is the Japanese Katakana character for "tsu". A lot of people mistake it for a smiley.This is frequently used in the popular shrug emoji ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ...
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How do you paste onto bebo whiteboards?

Using a download called 'Bebot' Save a picture to your computer and then open up the bebot and click open image choose the folder then the file, and click go, using dither means it goes really slow and takes twice the time and you cannot move the mouse while it is goin, The time it takes to draw the image depends on how detailed and coulourful the image. - blahblah1994 ...
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Is it free to text vodafone to vodafone?

no it is not free unless you have this added on your price plan or by adding this service if it is available ...
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What is a 'Moon Sign' in Astrology?

The Moon is in constant motion throughout the Zodiac and takes about 2 1/3 days to move from one sign of the Zodiac to another. In a period of 28 days, it moves through all the 12 signs of the Zodiac, passing through every sign or House. Thus, your Moon Sign may not be the same as your Sun Sign or Zodiac Sign because it may not be in the same Sign as your Sun at the time of birth. A...
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Does Melissa suffield have Twitter?

No. Any account that says they are her aren't real.
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Who sings laugh out loud smiley face?

Trey songz ft gucci mane, soulja boy - LOL Smiley face
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How many people use Bebo daily?

em i dont really know ? thousands probably
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Are there any Christian dating sites?

I'm a Christian too, and I would like to let you know that you can visit any dating website, because most of them have a section for religious people. I'm talking to this amazing Christian Eastern-European lady on dream marriage. and yes theyre are christian websites i have seen many on tv i just forgot the name...but im positive if u just type in ( christan dating website it will pop up! ...
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How do get more love on bebo?

Just advertise on people's profiles to post a comment and add luv to your profile. ...
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Is there a way where you can see who Views your profile?

MySpace doens't have this feature currently, so you can't tell who views your profile. does have this feature though, though it is not as popular. ...
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How old do you have to be to be on Bebo?

Bebo Terms of service: You must be 13 years or older to use the Bebo Service. ...
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What is the symbol for a smiley face when texting?

push down the shift key and you get (:) then push the shift key again and use 9 for sad or 0 for smiley :) ...
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What is bebo?

Well Bebo is like an Internet Profile about yourself. People can be your friends who already are you friends in real life or you can add people on Bebo as your friends! Bebo stands for Blog Early, Blog Often. Bebo, as with all Social networking websites, allows anyone to create an account and then liaise with the millions of other people that have similar, or not so similar interests to your own! There are a number of great social networking sites which...
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Is it safe to use a do-it-yourself piercing kit?

No, D.I.Y. piercing kits are the bain of a professional body piercers existance. First and foremost folks buy these kits, go home, attempt to pierce themselves, screw up doing it, then come into the piercing studio with an infected mess with junk jewellery hanging our of this misplaced hole and want it fixed. Now my rant is over here's the real goods. D.I.Y. kits are for ear lobes only and not intended to be used for any other body location. No. Plain...