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As more people spend more time on the Internet, online dating has grown in popularity. Ask questions about popular matchmaking sites and online dating etiquette here.

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What dose unique mean when guy says to a girl?

If you mean that when a guy says that a girl is unique, it certainly means that you are unique from other girls; different. If he is saying this about a girl, then it usually means he likes that she is different, likes her differences, and also a way of being verbally affectionate. ...
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Should young girls be tied and gagged?

No. I think if you need to ask this question you should seek some sort of help, psychologically. I don't wish to be judgemental but what you suggest is not only immoral, but highly illegal. ...
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Is it possible to find true love over the internet in just a few days?

A: (I'm using "he" as in "he, the partner" here: sex-neutrally.) If you understand the question as "Is it possible to fall in love with someone you've never met, except online?" The answer to this is "Yes, but this someone is a figment of your imagination. Even if your partner was absolutely honest, there are a lot of things that can't be transmitted via text or even webcams. So of necessity, your brain supplies the missing information, and since you're looking for a partner, this information...
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Website for young women who want to meet older men?

adultxdating match try this: dateinsky
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What does available mean on dating site?

On OK Cupid, they give you 3 options when joining: single, seeing someone, married. If you pick "seeing someone", when other people look at your profile, to them it will say "available". Short answer: they're with someone and looking for more. The person they're with may or may not know about this. Avoiding these people is usually a good move. Sometimes women who are bisexual will list themselves as available. Generally they explain their availability in terms of being available to other women,...
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How do you know if a guy likes you through chat?

You will know if he likes you first he will give his real name and his real cellphone or landline number. He will send messages even if you're not online. He give an effort to make you feel happy when you are chatting with each other. And even if he is sleepy he will stay until you say goodbye. To know if someone likes you on chat, or online dating websites, or even social networks look for the regular flirting signs....
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Even though people may not be who they say they are if you have seen the person's webcam does that mean it is safe?

== == * Even if you've seen them on webcam doesn't mean they are safe; it could of made it to seem like it was them but you never know who its is. If you're not sure who it is then I wouldn't deal with it. * Just because they are on then internet doesn't mean they are liars or unsafe, but it is easier to lie in an email and over the computer. Also just because you have seen...
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What are some online dating sites for KIDS AGES 13 and up?

yes. neofriends.com weeworld.com and kewlchat.com
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What is the telephone number for eharmony?

Telephone Number for eHarmony Contact customer care seven days a week between 4am and 12am PST at 1-800-951-2023. Confirmed correct as of September 12, 2010. ...
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What does it mean when your boyfriend tells you he really wants to be with you but he can't?

(All advice is generic and incomplete of necessity. Apply as fits, and use your own brains.) it depends... if your bf is a jerk then it's a lame excuse for not wanting to be you...no other reasons.. if your bf is really serious with you then it means there are some issues that he's been dealing with...sometimes it's so hard to explain why do we have to leave someone or why can't we be with someone who we really wanted to be...but no...
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How do you meet ladies from Cairo city?

Go to Cairo city. Join an online dating site like dateinsky.
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How many centimeter in 5 fit 11?

There are approximately 177 to 1788 centimetres in 5 feet 11 inches. There are approximately 30 centimetres in 1 foot. There are approximately 2.5 centimetres in 1 inch. ...
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If you discover that someone is a sociopath and preying on women through Internet dating sites should you try to warn the site owners?

Yes, warn the site owners. At least you did your reasonable part, the moral, socially responsible thing, and what happens next is out of your hands. If you think he is or may be criminally dangerous, go to the police. If he contacts you again, I recommend two options: 1) call the police, or 2) if you are voluntarily talking to him, seek mental health help. (I am not joking). I speak from experience, these people can sometimes be deadly dangerous, and they suck you...
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Is meeting people online dangerous?

I think it's more dangerous than meeting people in person!
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How do you find people with a nickname?

* The only way you could find a person by a nickname only is by trying to find their family or one of their friends. If you know what school they went too and when they graduated or even what town they use to live in you could try tracing them through high school grad pictures which sometimes have nicknames under their picture and you will also recognize the person. ...
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Why does it hurt when you love someone?

It hurts when you love someone because when you truly and deeply care about someone with all your heart, you can't help but be worried about them all the time, and it hurts because you never want to lose them and you're afraid that you will, even if they assure you that you won't. ...
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What does no braves mean in personal ads?

No Red Indians I'm guessing. Sure sign the ad belongs to a small minded bigot. ...
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Why are some people hesitant to shop online?

published in 2003 and 2004 reported that 25 percent of e-commerce sites do not display a phone number clearly on the customer service page; 49 percent of online shoppers could not readily find the answers to a question ...
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Do Irish girls like Indian guys?

it depends on the person, but they can do yeah
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What are some free online dating sites for young teens?

"spin the bottle" is a dating site by teens for teens but I dont recomend it because you have to subscribe to a bunch of stuff just ot be able to check your messages and what not. Try GaiaOnline its a great social-forum-game type site. I suggested you try "DateinSky". It's a nice site to visit. ...
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Is there a dating service for 13 year olds?

Yeah, it's called high school. Wait until then. Don't be in a rush to grow up. There are no dating agencies for children, only adults. ...
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How can a single woman be positive a man is not bi-sexual or gay or a swinger?

If he is gay, he will likely not be interested in you. If he is a swinger, he will ikely try to get you involved. The most important thing is to get the know him and trust the feeling you have about whether he is trust worthy. This is the most important consideration in a relationship and should not be taken lightly if you are making an emotional investment. If you have doubts, you are likely right. I have a private...
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Who is Julie Spira?

Julie Spira is known worldwide as The Cyber-Dating Expert®. She is a frequent guest in the media on the subject of online dating. Julie is the author of the bestseller, The Perils of Cyber-Dating: Confessions of a Hopeful Romantic Looking for Love Online and host of Ask the Cyber-Dating Expert Radio Show. Julie was an early adopter of the Internet in the Web 1.0 days and has fully embraced Web 2.0 technology. She has been featured in The New York Times, Los Angeles,...
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Is dating a guy over the Internet a good idea?

No it's not a good idea. Why not try the old fashion way like meeting someone that perhaps one of your friends knows or some place you work. At least you can see them physically, know who they are, what they look like, what type of personality they have and if you really want to start a relationship up with this person. On the Internet it could be anyone and it's dangerous. Anyone could tell you lies over the Internet and...
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What is ishoals?

iShoals is a online community website which owner claims to fascialitate user to interact, socialise and contribute.It is basically online dating website with PMS as method for communication. One of the features which iShoals uses is which it named is iShoals Feed Center. It basically offers RSS feeds from different niche website like news, travel, Wordsmith. etc. Further the friends (connections as per iShoals) listing uses Degrees similar to that of Hi5 and Orkut and allows user to keep track of their contribution...