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Is there any government help programs for a divorced woman over 62 who does not qualify for any form of social security?

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Is there any government help for divorced women
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Who qualifies for Social security?

  · There are actually two answers to this question. A worker can begin to collect Social Security benefits as early as age 62, but cannot begin to receive full retireme

Your unfunded liability for Social Security Medicare and Medicaid is close to 100 trillion so is there any way to pay for these programs without bankrupting America?

As an actuary, I can tell you that the unfunded liabilities ARE meaningful and are HUGE. If you doubt me, read the trustee reports for the OASDI and Medicare (HI and SMI). The

What will your Social Security benefits be at age 62?

Social Security Online has benefit calculators to help you estimate how much retirement income you may receive. Bear in mind that retiring at 62 will reduce the monthly amount

How do you qualify for social security disability insurance?

There are a few requirements for qualifying for Social Security Disability Insurance. The first, you must be insured. That generally means you must have worked and paid into t

What disabilities qualify for permanent Social Security?

There is no "list" of disabling conditions that qualify a person for Social Security benefits. And disabling conditions can vary from person to person, although it is true tha