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Is there any retirement benefits for a computer hardware engineer?

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you can still work, why? .... people at microsoft get fired from being over 50 from being software engineers
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What hardware device is not commonly found on computers any more?

Some devices that are not commonly found on computers anymore are ISA Devices such as riser cards, and older video AGP cards. Other older devices that are not common today are

Are there any benefits to deleting the cookies of a computer?

Cookies basically contain personal information. A potentialintruder can easily access your personal information like passwordsfrom cookies. So it is recommended that you delet

What is computer hardware?

The term "Computer hardware" refers to the physical, tangible parts of the computer. The alternative, software exists only as a stream of data and code. If you can touch it,

What is the demand for computer hardware engineers in the future?

It is no secret that computers are now essential to most households and businesses. Increased use of computers has led to a greater demand for people with skills and training

What is a computer hardware engineer?

A computer hardware engineer is involved in the design and  development of systems and components. This would include hardware  such as processors and circuit boards.

What hardwares do a computer have?

Every piece of equipment that is installed in a computer is considered hardware. Some include hard drive, motherboard, CD-ROM drive, modem, NIC, fan, power supply, etc. Monito

What are some physical demands for a computer hardware engineer?

       Working Conditions and Physical Demands   Working in this career involves (physical activities):Seeing clearly up closeSpeaking clearly enough to be a

Is computer hardware the computer itsself?

Hardware is anything you can actually touch. Something you can kick when it makes you angry!The computer itself, keyboard, mouse, webcam, printer... Software is the programs,

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What is not computer hardware?

Lots of things are not computer hardware. Trees, bunnies, ketchup, minivans, ice cream, axle grease, yo-yos, my grandmother, tweezers, window blinds, and nunchucks are all exa

What is the role of a computer engineer in any IT organization?

in an IT organization a computer engineer should design,maintain and implement new operating systems for effective communication and business analysis. a computer engineer i

Is there any computer hardware or software that can transpose hand written material into computer readable form?

Optical Character Recognition (OCR), automatic document recognition (ADR) and Electronic Document Management (EDM), announced today the worldwide release of a brand new versio

What do you do if your computer will not recognize any hardware?

This sounds to me like a bad mainboard.. If it's not recognizing ANY hardware at all, that would be the first thing I would check. If you could be a little more specific about