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Is there erosion on the moon?

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Not as you are used to on Earth surface.
Erosion is caused mainly by water and air movement, which do not exist on the Moon's surface.
However, seismic activity and impacts from asteroids may cause effects not dissimilar to erosion.
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What is the only weathering and erosion on the moon?

Only what the humans that were there have caused. There is  no wind or water, so nothing naturally erodes.    This is true! Weathering on the moon including chemical w

Why is there no erosion on the moon?

Because there is No GRAVITY!      Well... yes and no...    Yes: Solar wind erodes the lunar surface but the effect is almost  unnoticeable.    No:

Does weathering and erosion occur on the moon?

Not like on Earth. The moon has no atmosphere, so there is no wind or air at all to cause erosion. However, the moon is bombarded with objects in space that normally would bur

Weathering and erosion on the moon?

Can't happen. Weathering takes air in motion (wind), and erosion takes water in motion, and there's none of either on the moon.

Why does the moon not have erosion?

  There is considerable erosion on the Moon, just not the same as on Earth. On Earth, erosion is caused by air, water, and geologic processes. (Air and water transport of

What causes erosion on the moon surface?

Meteorite and asteroid impacts would cause erosion of the moon's surface. Man will also have had an almost minuscule impact as well due to the moon landings although this wil

Does the earth and moon both have erosion and weathering?

Yes, however on the moon erosion occurs over millions of years, not the hours or days that the wind and rain and sand erode things on earth. Erosion on the moon is caused by t
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Why does erosion happen on earth and not on moon?

Erosion DOES happen on the Moon, it is just that the mechanism -  ablation by the solar wind and meteorite impact, is a much slower  process.   On earth the Atmosphere a