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Is universe and solar system the same?

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No they are different, the universe refers the whole of space, plants ,stars, solar system galaxy..., where as the solar system is the name we give a single star with planets revolving around it.
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How many solar system in our universe?

Some have been detected round other stars than the Sun. It is conjectured that million or even billions of stars must have their own solar systems, because without a solar sys

Which is bigger the solar system or the universe?

  the universe is bigger than a solar system. Obviouisly, because there are many solar systems in our galexy, and many galexies in our universe, there may be more that one

How is your solar system situated in the universe?

Because it is impossible to determine the extent of the universe because we are only aware of the parts we can see. For this reason, our solar system sits in the very middle o

Are other solar systems the same in your universe?

We strongly suspect that every other solar system will be different, probably RADICALLY different, from our own. Every star is a little different; the mass that coalesced to f

Does the same thing that keep your solar system together keep the universe together?

Your question is hard to answer because of the nature of the two  structures. The solar system is defined as sol, our sun, and all of  the things that orbit it. Gravity, obv