Is wear one article of the other genders clothing considered crossdressing?

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It all depends on the article. Crossdressing means you are of one gender and you wear an entire attire of the opposite gender. If you are a male and wear a t-shirt and then a skirt, then it's borderline, since the skirt is female, but the rest of you is dressed normally. However, if you're wearing panties or a bra, then no. If you wear a female shirt, then this too is borderline.
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How do you get girls' clothing to wear if you are a teenage boy who loves to crossdress but you don't have a sister or a mom and you are too embarrassed to buy girls' clothes?

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You are a boy who wears girls clothes is there something wrong with that or is it normal I like the way it makes me feel when I crossdress but I dont want other people to find out?

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How do people who have problems with gender identity issues overcome crossdressing and wanting to be the other sex?

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How can you get clothes if you crossdress?

You can buy women's clothes online, Thrift stores, retail stores ,Walmart , discount stores, yard sales, Target, Dillards, Macy's, Forever 21, Lane Bryant, Dress Barn, eBbay,

My mom won't let my sister and I wear clothes In our house and the only way we are allowed to is if we wear the other ones clothes?

you need to explain this a little more, are you saying your mother won't allow you to be clothed in the the house at all? as in she makes you and your sister walk around naked
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