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Jobs that require much time away from home?

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flight attendent and CFI.
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How much water does a home require?

  Answer     We use a number from 75 gallons to 100 gallons per person to work up the capacity needed for a water system. This number would not include other thi

How much power is required for home?

  Answer   If you are a normal household, this will be standardised by your local council/municipality. They base this on the demographics of that particular society

How much time can be spent away from home under section 8 housing rules?

You can spend as much time as you want away from home. But if you anticipate that you'll be away for at least two weeks you'll probably need to tell your landlord. If you're g

What time should you run away from home?

okay well first of all i am 17 and i have ran away on numerous occasions they were all because of the same reasons but i usually ran away at night so nobody can know were i we

How much current is required in home?

240 volts   Another (more accurate) perspective. Current is measured in Amps, not volts as the above answer suggests, and it would be necessary to determine the expected

When is a good time to run away from home?

If you wish to leave home, you should have an idea of where you are going. If the plan is to become a street person, it is probably a bad idea. If your life is in danger at ho

What should you do if spending time on WikiAnswers is taking too much time away from your job?

Reduce or quit the time you spend on one of those. As much as we'd love to have you helping here, you won't be much use here if you lack power and an Internet connection. So,
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What job requires home selling?

Home selling is a requirement of many jobs. One of the oldest and most popular home selling jobs is that of the "Avon Lady". Avon representatives sell female beauty products d