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Left eye blinking is good or bad for a boy?

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Its bad for boys but good for girls
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Why do the eyes blink?

We blink about 15 times each minute, without thinking about it. The brain controls many actions such as this automatically. Blinking spreads taers across the eyes. This keeps

Right eye blinking does it bring good luck as per Indian Astrology?

For women:    The blinking of left eye indicates good omen and the blinking of right eye indicates bad omen    For men:    The blinking of left eye indica

Left eye blinking does it bring good luck for men?

Left eye blinking for men brings bad luck and it is good for women. However, everything depend on GOD and always remember whatever GOD has for you is always for your goodness.

What means if the left eye blinks?

Common stress condition caused by nerves. No special meaning other than you need to relax.

People who have Almond eyes are they bad or good?

do you mean are almond eyes considered pretty? well, because from what ive heard, known and seen, apparaently big almond eyes are considered very beautifull in men and woman,

Left eye blinking?

It is possible to blink with your left eye, but you will need to specify the question...

Left eye keep blinking for men is it good or bad?

A twitching left eye means different things in the superstitions of  different cultures. In China, they believe that a  twitching/blinking left eye is good luck in men, whil
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What happens when left eye of a boy blinks a lot?

When a boy blinks his left eye a lot, it is a sign that he may not be using it. He should see an eye doctor who will probably provide him a prescription for corrective glasses