Left eye blinking is good or bad for a boy?

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Its bad for boys but good for girls
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Left eye blinking?

It is possible to blink with your left eye, but you will need to specify the question...

Left eye keep blinking for men is it good or bad?

A twitching left eye means different things in the superstitions ofdifferent cultures. In China, they believe that atwitching/blinking left eye is good luck in men, while the

Why is my 3 year olds left eye blinking excessively?

This could be because of something irritating it. That is the most common cause for blinking the eye. (This gets rid of dirt in the eye) There are some fysiological problems
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What happens when left eye of a boy blinks a lot?

When a boy blinks his left eye a lot, it is a sign that he may not be using it. He should see an eye doctor who will probably provide him a prescription for corrective glasses