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Subject :- Participation on " World Environment Day "

Respected Sir/Madam,
Respectfully we may say that we have been running an Environmental NGO under the aegis Mahal Welfare Services, Railway Road, Nangal Distt. Ropar Punjab Our NGO was registered on 03-06-2011. Our Ngo popularized the Slogan of "Ek Rukh 100 Sukh" movement which was appreciated by one & all.
We have conducted Environment workshops, Environment Rallies, Environment Poetry Competitions, Environment Exhibition, Environment Poster making competitions, Environment Camps & Tree Plantation. We have exhibited such projects in 450 schools in Punjab till date.
We want to Celebrate the "World Environment Day" on 5th June 2013
in your school with your support. Select 10 Best Students in drawing for participating on "World Environment Day". We will given one subject to paint on the drawing sheets with the help of the water colors to make it colorful. Your expenditure involved will be Rs.200/-(Two hundred only) in all.
Being a NOBLE poster making illustrating the national event will of high order. Maximum popularity on national level will be attained within this petty amount and time.
Hope your school will be part and parcel of this national event. It is well known to you that this is being celebrated all over the world. We do hope that your kind co-operation will encourage us to boost the activities with more zest and zeal.

With regards,

Yours Faithfully,
Mahal Welfare Services
Supinder Kaur
( President )
+91 90411 83523
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