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i have gelost my mobile,can i find mobile phone with Imei nummber.......?
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How do you view the IMEI number on a Sony Ericsson mobile phone?

Answer   On a Sony Ericsson phone, you would view the IMEI number like you would with any other. Just type in *#06#, this will bring up the IMEI number.   ~ AshJordan

How do you use the imei number to trace your cell phone back?

You can supply your IMEI number to your cellular provider, and they can use it to see if that particular handset is currently being used. They probably would not be able to re

Is there an imei number written on the phone?

  On some phones the imei number is written on the battery, box or if it is a contract phone it may be on the sim card. If you cant find it just type hash zero six hash an

Is IMEI and Serial number of mobile phones have the same number?

no IMEI and serial numbers are different.  IMEI will always start with '35**********    this is not accurate. on my galaxy s3 my imei number does not start  with 35**

Can the IMEI of a mobile phone be traced by using the mobile number?

The IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number is specific to the handset. The mobile number is associated with the SIM card. If you swap a different SIM card into

Why does your phone have 2 IMEI numbers?

A phone with dual sim cards will have 2 imei numbers. This is so the phone can be connected to two networks at once. It can be out of range of one network and seamlessly switc

What is an IMEI and where can I get it on my phone?

The IMEI - is a unique identifying number - exclusive to each  handset. EVERY IMEI is different. You can get the IMEI of your  phone by dialing.... Star Hash Zero Six Hash (