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Health Clinic Nurse: Duties and Responsibilities
The Health Clinic Nurse is responsible to the Dean of Student Services/Athletic Director and the college
Health Clinic Physician. The major areas of responsibility include the following:
To manage day-to-day operations of the Health Care Clinic.
To maintain health records, documenting each patient contact and updating patient profiles.
To check equipment and supplies, restocking as necessary. Check emergency kit.
To ensure confidentiality during visits and telephone contact, as well as student health records.
To provide primary care for eligible students, faculty, and staff health concerns during scheduled
health service hours.
To distribute non-prescription medication after appropriate assessment.
To encourage health maintenance and promotion through counseling and awareness activities.
To take initial and interim history and vital signs on each patient.
To assist physician as needed during exams.
To assure that patients understand instructions.
To advise the Texas Department of Health of reportable diseases.
To serve as liaison between physicians and the College.
To refer students to the appropriate community resources, and to obtain signed releases from
students if a copy of the chart is sent.
To reconcile referral billings with clinic records insuring the validity of the claims. After
reconciliation and validation, a purchase requisition should be presented to the Dean of Students
for payment.
To function as a team member of the Division of Student Services in the development and
implementation of processes necessary to accomplish the goals and philosophy of the division and
the College.
To assume special responsibilities on assignment by the Dean of Student Services/Athletic Director
and/or the President.
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