Map of main centres in revolt of 1857 in India map?

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What was the main reason behind the revolt of 1857?

because of the growing of indigo and cotton. And the British was selling it for a high price and the Indians were forced to buy the things which were coming from the britain. (MORE)

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Who made the first map of India and when?

It is unclear who made the first map of India. However, there is  evidence that the first maps of India were dated back to around the  1st millennium BCE. This is when there (MORE)

What were the main events of the revolt 1857?

  Main Events of the 1857 Revoltby Kishore on February 4, 2010The Sepoys of Dum Dum in Calcutta were the first to express their resentment at the use of greased cartridges (MORE)
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