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Marine Corps Combat Branches How do I sign up for the Marine's Special Operations Rapid Response Team?

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Rapid Response Teams are defined per task; not as a permanent operations command within the USMC. The SpecOps group within the USMC are Force Reconnaissance Marines (FORECON).
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Do the marine corp combat aircrew wings transfer to the army?

I serve in an Army National Guard unit. There we have a prior service airman who wears his air force combat aircrew wings. He says it's authorized. Not sure his source. Myself

Marine corps signing bonus?

The United States Department of Defense offers incentives for  enlistment and reenlistment based on need for certain occupational  specialties. Marine Corps signing bonuses

What is the difference between Marine Force Recon and US Marine Corps Forces Special Operations command?

MARSOC was established on Feb 24 2006 and is part of USSOCOM, United States Special Operations Command. MARSOC is 1 of the 5 Special Forces part of SOCOM. AFSOC, ASOC, MARSOC

When did the Marine Corp change their style of combat assault tactics?

As long as closing with the enemy and destroying him remains the paramount objective, then little has changed. Certainly the tools have changed and they have mandated or allow

What is the US Marine Corps responsible for?

According to Department of Defense Directive number 5100.1, the US Marine Corps is responsible; "To organize and equip, in coordination with the other Military Services, and t
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How does a person sign up to the Marine Corps?

To sign up for the Marine Corps, one must be 17 at least, have proof US residency and have secured a high school diploma. A medical exam is also required and then there are se