Matt drove35 miles in 0.7hr find his average speed?

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In 0.7 hour Matt drives 35 miles
In 1 hour Matt drives 35/0.7 =50 miles

His average speed is 50mph.
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What is the average running speed for a mile?

Answer . depends on age and gender, and fitness level. for example, a high school girl, that is somewhat fit will have a mile time of 7 or 8 minutes, it just depends. whe

How do you find the average speed of a wave?

you take the wavelength and divide it by the wave period , which is the time between the passage of two lowest points of a wave. wavelength(m). _________________ = wavespeed

How do you find the average speed of something?

Answer Determine the distance traveled and divide by the time it took to cover that distance. If one travels 100 miles in two hours, one averaged 100/2 miles per hour or 50 m

How do you find the average speed?

To get the average speed in a given distance you would take distance divide by time which would equal average speed. An example of this would be: The 1970 NASCAR race at

What is the formula for finding the average speed?

v = d / t. where v = velocity. d = distance travelled. t = time taken. An easy way to remember is that speed is measured in km / h. km is a measure of distance and hours i

How can you find the average speed of a pedestrian?

For the speed of a single pedestrian, measure the time it takes him/her to walk a set distance (for example 10 meters) and divide the distance by the time.. For the average s

How do you find out your average reading speed?

To find your average reading speed, you'll need a book withfamiliar words and subject. Don't time your reading speed on newwords, concepts or subjects you won't get a fair res
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How do you find average speed on a graph?

Assuming it's a graph of speed vs time, then between 2 times, the average is the distance (= area under the graph between those times) divided by the time difference.
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How do you find speed if average speed is given?

It is a bit hard to answer your question, as it lacked of a few things: Total Distance or total time, the distance which the speed(answer) is in or the amount of time the pers