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Don't be a jerk to your dog
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What are bully chews for dogs made of?

Answer . If you are talking about bully sticks, those are actually a bull's penis. Likewise, moo tubes are cow tracheas. Sometimes its better not to ask. LOL

What does bullying mean?

Bullying is when someone keeps doing or saying things to have power over another person. Some of the ways they bully other people are by: calling them names, saying or writing nasty things about them, leaving them out of activities, not talking to them, threatening them, making them feel uncomfortable or scared, taking or damaging their things, hitting or kicking them, or making them do things they don't want to do. Have any of these things happened to you? Have you done any of these things to someone else? Really, bullying is wrong behaviour which makes the person being bullied feel afraid or uncomfortable.

Why are little dogs bullies?

Because they feel small! Think how you would feel if you were 1 foot tall and faced with another dog 3 feet taller than you! They put up a fight because they feel intimidated!

Why don't bullied people have friends?

Answer . Because they are afraid that if they hang around with the person that is getting bullied, they will be bullied too. That happened to my friends which is why I can't hang around them anymore.. Another point of view . If those who are bullied had friends who were loyal to them by standing up for them, and by still being willing to "hang" around them, then maybe the bullies would be the ones with no friends, instead of the innocent victims being bullied, and then being abandoned by their friends. If you aren't willing to be loyal to your "friend" then you aren't a friend to begin with. You have to BE a friend to HAVE friends.. Bullies are easily intimidated by a group, no matter how weak they may seem individually. Sticking together beats the bullies every time.

What is the British meaning of bully?

A bully in Britain is someone who picks on someone smaller and weaker than themselves. Probably the same meaning as the Americans and other English speakers have. Very many years ago there was a term "bully beef" which referred to canned corned beef that British soldiers used to eat while in the trenches in World War 1 (1914 - 1918). This is not really used any more.

If you are a bully and don't even know it what should you do?

You can answer the following questions to first find out if you're a bully. If you answer "yes" to any of them (be honest), then you will probably know that you are a bully:. When online, do you constantly tease people, sometimes in a not-so-friendly way, but you mean it in a bad way? . Has anyone ever asked you to stop saying what you're saying? . Have you ever made anyone cry by what you have said online? . If you pick on someone weaker than yourself just for the joy and power you feel because of it. . If you are on MySpace, FaceBook or any other forum for young people and you are stalking them or threatening them then you are classed as a 'cyber bully!' . If you disrespect certain friends or girlfriends and demean them by saying hurtful things then you are being down right mean! . After answering these questions, if it turns out that you ARE a bully, then one thing that would help for you to do is to start thinking before you type/speak. This would prevent you in the future from harming others unintentionally. Then, you can also speak to your friends, or if you feel uncomfortable, a school counselor to find out some things you could do to stop being a bully.. The first step, of course, is to admit it.

What does cyber bullying mean?

Cyberbullying means bullying of threats, insults, images or similarmade over the internet by social websites, chatrooms, e-mails, oron mobile phones, ipads, texts or similar means. Bullying, but by electronic media. cyber-bullying is when you are bullying someone over the internet

What does bullying means?

Bullying means to take the micky out of someone else on to kick punch bad mouth etc to someone to make them feel bad and to gain more courage to do it again and again and again.

What does bully mean?

Someone who teases a seemingly weaker person to make themselvesfeel better. This can happen anywhere, from the school hallways tothe internet.It can also happend anywhere else. Any one can be abully.

What does 'Don't keep a dog and bark yourself' mean?

This quotation basically means "Let the experts do their jobs." If you get a dog to protect your house, you don't need to bark instead of the dog, you should trust the dog to do his job. Likewise, if you hire someone to do something, don't go behind them trying to do their job for them.

I want to be bullied but I don't know why?

Hey, It's not just you. I want to get bullied bullied to. I mean I really want to get bullied. I think we want to get bullied because it'll fill some sort of void or gap that we have in our lives.

What does being a cyber bully mean?

It means that you bully people through the Internet. Sometimes it's nasty comments, sometimes it's threats. Basically, it means insulting someone through the Internet.

What does anti bully mean?

anti bully means you are totally against bullying and you use every act to put a end to all the bullying you see.

Why don't schools prevent bullying?

Schools often don't prevent bullying since they don't know what it is. Perhaps the teachers were sheltered from bullying, or they were bullied themselves but somehow repressed it or think it was a good thing. The bullies themselves are usually quite practiced at it, and they bully covertly. The worst type of bullying is the emotional kind, and the bullies learn how to provoke reactions in others and keep the attention off of themselves. So the teachers think the victims are the aggressors and punish them. Then there are teachers who somehow profit from the bullying. A coach may benefit, for instance, if the weakest player on a team is being bullied, if that causes the person to either shape up and become more aggressive, or they quit the team. Schools sometimes allow bullying for the same reason some prisons allow rape, and that is for control. The students can get by with doing things that teachers cannot do. A teacher might be mad at a particular family, and thus may set up their children to be bullied. If the teacher takes any direct action, they could be fired. Then there are cases where the teachers and schools just have their hands tied. Perhaps there is so much bullying to deal with that the school cannot deal with it all. Factors like political correctness don't help either. What if members of a minority ethnic group at a particular school just happen to be bullying students outside that group? It would be hard to address that problem without any action taken being seen as racism or targeting one group of people, and the ones trying to address the bullying may lose their jobs. The bullies would be aware of such political implications and take advantage of those.

What does the term bully pulpit mean?

The phrase "bully pulpit" means that you have a position you can use to promote an agenda. President Theodore Roosevelt coined the term. In his day, the term bully meant "superb" or "wonderful." It has no relation to the word "bully" as used today, though some people think it means to have a position that enables you to "hit others over the head" with your message. Another term that survives from Roosevelt's era that uses the other meanings for the word bully is "bully for you," and that is just another way of saying, "Good for you."

Bully-proof what does this mean?

Making a child or a person bully-proof means that they are unableto be bullied. They have learned how to deal with bullies, eitherby ignoring them, or facing up and exposing them, or by seekingassistance.

What does bullying tatics mean?

Bullying tactics are the ways people bully other people - that can be verbal, so threats ('I'll do XYZ to you'; "it would be awful for your career if they found out that somehow") or physical (sexual intimidation to physically hurting a person). They can be subtle or absolutely obvious. They are always designed to inspire fear.

What does the term internet bullying means?

This is most commonlly referred to as "Cyber-Bullying". This usually entails posting mean things about someone else, or talking to someone online and saying means things about them. Basically using th internet to write nasty things about someone.

What if you don't have any friends at all and you get bullied?

Bullying is a big problem in school, but people don't realize it cuz they're too busy bullying others. When people get mad, or upset, they try to make themselves look tougher and cool by making others look bad, so maybe you gotta stand up to them. Remember, they can't hurt you, but if you're a little nervous, do it close to where a teacher is, so you're protected. Just tell them that you don;t care what you think, and that he's accomplishing nothing by hurting you. Also, try to make some friends that are being bullied too, so when the bully is bugging one person, the others get involved too.

Why does your cat bully your dog?

Not all cats do! Sometimes peopple think it's the other way around. Here are some reasons you can look at. . Cats are not used to dogs and like to attack things that move. . Sometimes cats go wild if you feed it, or maybe it just played. It may try to attack the dog. . A cat is an elegant animal. Cats are usually independent animals. They like to be by themselves! So, they might feel like their boss of the dog and boss it around. . The other reason is your cat is sick like rabies and it wants it to spread! It bites your dog and things. . Remember if you want to get a dog and if you have a cat already make sure you get a puppy! Or the cat could go away and leave you! Take good care of your pets! Animal Whisperer...

What services does Bully Dog offer?

Bully Dog services are targeted toward improving the performance of large engines. This involves improving performance while also enhancing fuel economy.

What does Bully Dog manufacture?

Bully Dog manufactures technical parts. Car parts, engines, diesel, and etc. They sell many car parts as well. They have many products and are a trustworthy cars parts seller.

What does active bullying mean?

To me it means that if you activly do it its like physical bullying but all bullying is the same no matter if its Cyber,Physical,Mental,or Active. All the same because you are still hurting someone thats my opinion.

What does mental bullying mean?

Mental bullying simply means you "mess with their minds". This can be done by gossiping or spreading rumors about people. Anything that could make a person cry or slowly start loosing patience is "mental bullying".

What does the mean when you dreamed you are getting bullied?

you are afraid of something in real life.. the first step is to figure out what that is. if your fear is something with a girl (or boy whatever opposite gender is)----- you need to get closer to her. if the bully is someone you know caution them.

What does nonverbal bullying mean?

Giving someone dirty or mean looks may constitute nonverbalbullying. Also physically mistreating someone by tripping them,bumping into them (maybe pretending it was an accident, maybeaccusing them of being clumsy) or pushing them, or by encouragingother people to do these things.

Why don't people seek help for bullying?

Some people don't seek for help because they are afraid. Some don't seek for help because they don't feel the need of telling it to someone, they feel that they can manage their problem.

What does text bullying mean?

Text bullying is a type of cyber bullying that involves individuals texting scary and threatening messages to the victim. Just like in cyber bullying, text bullying is hard to stop because it is often anonymous.

How Parents don't stand Up for bullying?

If a parent knows there is bullying occuring, and they do not act, this parent is not a very trustworthy or helpful person. They are not likely a good parent and you need to find another adult to help you. Someone you trust and you know will act. A parent who does not act upon bullying is completely unacceptable.

Why do bullies don't stop bullying?

they are allowed to do it . they are experts at making it look like their victim started it, thus victims get punished and bullies coddled . they enjoy making others look and feel bad . they are encouraged by behavior seen in TV sitcoms . their parents don't see it as a problem, just normal childhood social interaction . etc.

What does curb mean in terms of bullying?

To curb a behavior means to reduce or stop it. So to curb bullying means to stop it. Of course, just telling someone to curb bullying is not enough. You also have to show them the humanity of their victims, and help them deal with what is causing them to want to bully in the first place.

What exactly is a bully breed dog?

Bully breed dogs are dogs that are classified as pit bill type breeds and were originally bred to fight bulls for sport. Not all dogs that have the term "bull" in their breed qualify. Bully breeds include the American pit bull terrier, American Staffordshire terrier, Staffordshire terrier, English bull terrier, miniature bull terrier, and the American bulldog. (The English bulldog is not considered a bully breed.) Bully breeds are all part of the pit bull family, but each breed has unique personalities and temperaments. Bully breeds have gotten a bad reputation because of their aggressive beginnings, but they are great dogs to the right owner.

What is a price range for Bully Dog programmers?

Prices of Bully Dog programmers can range from $200 to $500, this may seem a little expensive so it would be a wise idea to shop around.Alternatively sites like Ebay maybe worth a look to potentially get a price under $200.

Where can one buy Bully Dog chips?

Bully Dog chips are bought for use in cars and trucks to boost the power. They can be bought from places such as autoanything and autoaccessoriesgarage.

What is a bully dog triple dog used for?

A bully dog triple dog is used to monitor driving patterns. Many drivers purchase a bully dog triple dog to examine wasted energy and inefficiencies to correct and make adjustments to driving habits.

What is a Bully Dog Performance Chip?

A Bully Dog performance chip is a product for automobiles. Bully Dog are a company specialising in car and motor parts, and the chip is for gas and diesel performance.

What does Bully Dog - Gas and Diesel offer?

Bully Dog - Gas and Diesel is a company which offers products designed to help motorists get the best performance possible from their vehicle. Amongst their products they provide electronics, exhaust systems, and mechanical upgrades.

What do Bully Dog performance chips do?

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Are bully sticks good for dogs?

Bully sticks are made especially for the dogs, and are good for there overall health. You can give them these sticks to make them engage on this tasty yet healthy. When the dogs are small they use to chew anything they get weather it is shoes or furniture's. Which are not good for there health and they may also damage there digestive system. But with the bully sticks they get engage in them which are good for there overall health including the digestive health and the oral health of the dogs. You can also buy these bully sticks from My Bully Sticks.