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Means of secondary occupation in India?

Means of secondary occupation in India?
occupations that involve manufacturing of finished products from raw material are called secondry occupation eg. obtaining cloth from cotton , sugar from sugarcane are the means of secondry occupation.
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What is occupational therapy mean?

  Occupational Therapy (OT) retrains the body and brain to function more easily and efficiently with the tasks of everyday life. Treatment focuses on the use of functional (MORE)

What are secondary occupation in brief?

Secondary occupation is an occupation that an individual engages in  alongside their employment. This term may also refer to activities  associated with transforming and pro (MORE)

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What are secondary and tertiary occupations?

Secondary occupations- We get different types of raw material from primary occupations. However, most of it cannot be used directly. We need to process the raw material and ma (MORE)

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What does Occupation mean?

  An occupation is a job or profession.   Answer   An occupation is someones job. For example, if you were to ask George Bush what his occupation was, he would say (MORE)

What does occupations mean?

Your job, what you do on a daily basis. For example an AT&T Secretary, or a Fireman, really anything you do EVERYDAY.

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What are secondary occupation?

occupation that involves manufacturing of finished products from raw materials are called secondary occupations  

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Word meaning of occupational aspiration?

An occupational aspiration is what you have when you aspire to  attain a certain occupation. If a child wants to be a doctor, that  is his or her occupational aspiration.

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