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Medal of honor is the highest award given usually to a soldier for heroic acts in the U.S. . Other countries have different names fo their own highest award.
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What is a clandestine Medal of Honor?

The Medal of Honor is America's highest military honor, awarded forpersonal acts of valor above and beyond the call of duty. It ispersonally awarded by the President to US mil

Is Medal of Honor warfighter splitscreen?

Unfortunately, Medal of Honor Warfighter does not have the option of split screen. Either the project managers have yet to pull their head out of the sand and realise that spl

What is the Congressional Medal of Honor?

It is the highest award that can be given to a member of the US services for bravery in battle. Most of the service men who have been recipients of this medal have died in the

Civilians who won the medal of honor?

It is a military award and civilians are not eligible to receive it. *This is true, to an extent. Civilians have won it before but they can't now. Several civilians won the m

Can you sell congressional Medal of Honor?

A Medal of Honor can never be sold. It is Illegal to sell, own, wear a medal that was not awarded to you while in the service to our country. This information comes from the

Who won the first Medal of Honor?

The first recipient of the US Medal of Honor was Civil War Union Private Jacob Parrott. He received the medal as a member of the famous Andrews' Raid. It was awarded on 25 Mar

Who awards the medal of honor?

  The Medal of Honor is awarded by the President of the US in the name of the Congress

What does the Medal of Honor mean?

The Medal of Honor is the highest military medal the the US can award. The language governing the award of the MOH calls for "conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the ris

Who has refused the Medal of Honor?

I have never heard of anyone refusing the nation;s highest military award. Why would anyone? It is an award not easily qualified for, it has vast prestige, it has a lifetime p

Medal of honor winners?

Total number of winners 3468. It has been steadly harder to win, In  Civil War they issued 1522. In WW2 - 464, Korea - 133, Vietnam -246  and between the Iraq and Afgan War

What is a congressional medal of honor?

The proper name is simply Medal of Honor, although Congressional gets thrown in there. It is the highest medal in the US military. It is awarded for extreme courage and valo