Memory card error how do you fix it my sandisk sdhc card?

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tengo una tarjeta sdhc sandisk de 32 gb de calidad 10 y no me funciona.
En la cámara de video SONY X1 me pone el siguiente dialogo: the tarjet wil be repaird. Intento formatear la tarjeta y me dice que the tarjet can't be formated, si alguien me puede dar una solución, muchas gracias.
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How do you delete files on Kingston sdhc memory card?

Either use software like Microsoft's built in image viewing system or Picasa -- or format the card in the camera. Another method is to put the card in a card reader, find it a

What is the difference between a SD and SDHC memory card?

SDHC memory cards are high capacity SD cards. You will need a card reader that supports SDHC or the SD slot on your computer must support SDHC. SD card readers that are a few

What does a SDHC memory card do?

Secure Digital (SD) is a non-volatile memory card format developed by the SD Card Association for use in portable devices, i.e., cameras, phones, etc. In a nutshell the add
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Is a sandisk ultra sdhc also a sim card?

Nope - SIM cards and SDHC cards are completely different items ! They're also physically different in size. See the related links for pictures of both devices.
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How does one fix a SanDisk card reader?

The three most common ways to approach fixing a SanDisk card reader are to first check if the system requirements are met for the card reader you are trying to use. If this do
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Can my LG 306G use a SDHC memory card?

The LG 306G uses a MicroSD card - capacities are up to 32MB. Fullphone specs are available online - just search for your model.