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gathered in ethnic communities
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What president was an immigrant of the United States?

There has been no president that is/was a immigrant. You must be  born in the United States to serve office as stated in the  Constitution. Some still think Barack Obama is

Why did Immigrants come to the United states?

That depends on which group of them you are talking about. Manywere seeking greater economic opportunity, but others were seekingreligious freedom, or just normal freedom beca

Why did Jews immigrate to the United States?

Throughout the 1800s, most of the world's Jews lived in Eastern Europe. Although their rights were not the same as those in Western Europe there were signs of improvement in t

Is immigration a problem to the United States?

It is not immigration itself that is the problem. Many people see the problem as immigrants coming over to the United States illegally. How we pave our roads, free school lunc

Where did European immigrants enter the United States?

Most believe that everyone entered at Ellis Island and that fails to match the facts. Between 1813 and 1819 New Orleans was a major Port of Entry and Philadelphia operated in

What are the cons of illegal immigration to the United States?

More immigrants means more opportunity for terrorists, drug dealers, and other criminals to enter the country. Immigrants, especially the poorer ones, consume a high amount of

What are reasons for immigration into the United States?

    Answer       Many. From marriage, employment, education (College aka University), among many others. And, in the case of illegal immigrants, try to ea

What are the pros of immigration into the United States?

Comments About LEGAL Immigration Although there doesn't seem to be any pros for letting in more immigrants, we have to remember we all come from immigrants. Our U.S. culture i

How is immigration good for the United States?

Points, FOR immigration..Diversity ."Melting Pot theory" .Jobs that Blue collar white men do not want to do. .Culture. its not they just take up jobs n all of that oth