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My boyfriend and i are in a long distance relationship for the past week i have been feeling sick after he leaves a facetime call or even if we are talking through text I miss him so much it hurts?

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been there done that, my bf is 9 hrs away with family and I get depressed when he is gone. it will be ok. stay strong, and roleplaying helps me. pretend hes there when you get sad, pretend hes cheering u up with his up lifting jokes. yeah it seems like ur going crazy but we all do it, it will be ok
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Can you win back your ex-girlfriend from a long-distance relationship even if she has a new boyfriend?

i was in a long distance relationship for 8 months with my boyfriend. We broke up because he cheated and in anger i dated someone else and we got back together not long ago...

You are in a long distance relationship but your boyfriend has changed jobs cities and now has no time to call email or sms however when you call he talks to you Why does he not call you anymore?

I think hes basically not as interested anymore. Or maybe its because your doing all the effort so hes just taking that for granted. Either way, DONT keep doing all the effo

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  If he's not talking, perhaps he is hiding something from you. Or it could be that he is still getting over his last relationship. If you think the latter is the case, do

What do you talk about in a long distance relationship?

future plans, music, hobbies, other people, there are tons of things!   I suggest talking about any common intresest for you two. You can talk about anything. You should b

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it's a possibility but if you've had your period i think that its most likely period pains for however long your on for. the food smells turning your stomach could be another

What to do when you and your boyfriend have a long distance relationship?

U can call or text eatch other another option is chat on face  book or Skype  It's so important in a long distance relationship to make plans  for the next time you will be