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Talk to someone that you trust about it and get help.

They are born that way. A narcissist is just a milder form of a psychopath, they can feel shame and guilt but that is all. You will know when you have been around a narcissist because you will feel used abused and robbed. Read all you can on this horrific disorder.

Sure. The question is - does the spouse-wanna-be want to stay abused & miserable for the rest of their life.

Well.. figure out which aspects of that fact is actually affecting you. Lack of attention? Inequality in the relationship? Cutting down or helping up? Look at it like a homework assignment if you have to. Then go talk to them.

most people get abused in a relation ship 99.9% of the worlds population get abused in a relationship

Well why would you want your ex back if he/she abused you or if you abused them? MOVE ON!

because he like to explore the feeling to be abused in a ss

You need to talk to a trusted adult! She may hate you for a lil bit but in the long run she will thank you!

to tell you the truth, in a relationship women are commonly abused (i mean look at the chris brown and rihanna incodent)

Looks for someone vulnerable: divorced, abused, lonely, disabled... ingratiates himself and mind controls her/him

You may be feeling abused by him, and won't accept that. Break up.

No. Two narcissists would not get along in a long term relationship since a narcissist needs to be the smartest and greatest thing going and superior to everyone else. In order to have a "long term relationship" with a narcissist you need to have the personality traits that compliment the narcissist. Your purpose in the narcissist's life would be to supply what they need. That means you need to have the following personality traits:easy to be taken advantage ofinsecure with a poor self imagea poor understanding of realitywilling to constantly feed the narcissist's ego even though your praise would be dishonestwilling to place your own needs aside and concentrate on fulfilling the needs of your narcissistwilling to be treated with disrespect and verbally abused if you have an opinion, give advice when not asked to, or disagreenever, ever criticizewilling to pick up the pieces when they fail and never mention itwilling to join in the delusional, self grandiose world inhabited by your narcissistwilling to ignore public flirting with strangers in your presence, attention getting behavior in public and rudeness in their treatment of you and othersyou need to have a thick skin

Charlie remembers getting raped and abused by his sister on a regular basis throughout their relationship

If you are feeling bad about the way you are treated or spoken to - and your pleas to stop this kind of behavior went unheeded - then you are being emotionally (verbally, psychologically) abused.

The person being abused and any children who are there to witness it are victims.

not very good because his parents abused him when he was younger

Example sentence - She refused to be abused by him and chose to terminate their relationship.

They often end up being controlled, abused and manipulated by a Narcissist or Psychopath... which can lead to autoimmune illness and serious depression.

If the child who was abused by their parent wants to retain a relationship with them, it is their choice but I wouldn't as you never know what they'll do to you next. I would just consider that family member to be a non-entity.

Get help immediately, because no one should go through all that.

Only if you want to be used, abused, lied to and emotionally harmed more.Answer Yes, it is possible to reunite with a narcissist. Aside from teens, on-off relationships are generally between those with NPD and those with BPD, because they're generally both afraid of both engulfment and abandonment.

An abused person can identify with their abuser. The abuse itself would not be called Stockholm Syndrome. How the abused feels about the abuser would be Stockholm Syndrome.

every second woman is abused in a relationship in the United State.

Some do, some don't. The smart ones hopefully walk away from the relationship when they recognize they are being abused and that they don't deserve it.

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