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My husband's grandmother was a twinWhat is the chance of me having twins?

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The mans family history has nothing to do with twins or no twins....twins occur when a) the woman releases two mature eggs and they both get fertilized by two sperm or b) one mature egg is fertilized by one sperm and then that fertilized egg splits. One thing the man does contribute is the sex of the baby. A babies sex is solely determined by the father....not the mother.
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What are the chances of having twins?

Only if twins run in your family. I am guessing the chances would be 1 in 100. Or if you take utility drugs you are bound to have twins.

Your paternal grandmother was a fraternal twin she had a brother and your paternal first cousin had a set of fraternal twins boys What are the chances of you having twins?

  My Paternal grandfather and his sister were twins. I myself have fraternal twin boys. But none of my 1st cousins, or my sister have twins. I have two cousins who have ha

What is the chance of you having twins if your boyfriend is a twin?

it has nothing to do with the father of the baby AT ALL! it depends on the Mommy's body. you have to either produce 2 eggs (which means fraternal twins) or have 1 egg that spl

What are your chances of having twins if your maternal grandmother is a twin and had twins?

Here are the variables that increase chances of having twins or multiple babies: 1) You the mom are over 45 2)You live in Massachusetts 3)You take fertility drugs or und

My grandmothers sister had twins what are my chances?

Overall chances of your having twins are about 3.2%. According to several sources, here are some factors in increasing your chances of having twins: You are over 45 (17% o
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What are the chances of having twins when you are a twin?

if you are a twin there is 100% chance that you get pregnant and have twins. even your cousins can have twins if they know that they come from the generation as yours [added b