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My parents owe me back rent how can I make them pay?

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You can take them to court if you have a contract with them. If you want to keep a good relationship with them, you may just want to talk with them about it.
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If you owe back rent can it be added to your bankruptcy claim?

I honestly used this site once, thinking that a professional was answering the questons, so my question still isn't answered. But I do know that it can be added butwould be

In the State of New York can a parent make their 17-year-old pay rent if they are claiming the minor child on their taxes?

      ANSWERS:       Yes. If you are working there is no reason you shouldn't pay rent just because they are your parents. No more free rides! Your p

Can parents order a 17-year-old to pay rent?

    Answer     If you're asking whether they're allowed to live on their own with a child, the answer is generally yes. In most states, a female is emancipa

How do you get your ex-boyfriend to pay you back money the owes you?

Answer . The saying goes "don't lend money to family and friends!" If the person doesn't bother to pay you back (and most don't) then there will always be that between yo

How will SSI pay you back 9000 they owe you?

  Answer     My son (dependent child) was owed around that amount. They have given him 2 installments of around $1800 spaced six months apart and I was told tha

If a 17 year old goes to live with noncustodial parent will custodial parent have to pay child support if non custodial parent owes back child support?

Yes. The non-custodial parent will then be owed the support while child is in there care. But it doesnt relenquish them from their prior debt.. If the monies is owed direct t

Can parents make their kids pay rent?

If kids are over 18, absolutely they can. I always paid my parents room and board [ food ] after I was 18. I paid 25 % of my take-home pay , whether I made $600/ month at my f

How do you make someone pay you wages owed?

You sue them in civil court. You will need to collect as much evidence as possible of your employment and the amount of time you worked.
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Can you put a lien on someones trailer if they don't pay you their lot rent they owe you?

You need to sue for back rent and if you are successful you can request a judgment lien. The lien can be filed against the property. You need to sue for back rent and if you

When a parent is incarcerated do they have to pay back child support owed?

In such a situation the support order will remain valid and  collectible. When the person is released from custody the child  support enforcement division for the state will