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My parents owe me back rent how can I make them pay?

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You can take them to court if you have a contract with them. If you want to keep a good relationship with them, you may just want to talk with them about it.
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If a 17 year old goes to live with noncustodial parent will custodial parent have to pay child support if non custodial parent owes back child support?

Yes. The non-custodial parent will then be owed the support while child is in there care. But it doesnt relenquish them from their prior debt.. If the monies is owed direct t

If a father of a child gets married and owes back child support can the new spouse be obligated to pay back back his child support in Texas with income tax refunds?

  If you file joint and your tax refund gets intercepted, then you would have to file a "wounded spouse" form to get your portion of the refund. But beware, the child supp

If your sibling owes money to your mom at the time of your moms death does she have to pay it back to the estate.?

That will depend on the will, if there is no will and no signed document then the answer is "no"   There MUST BE PROOF that the debt is owed in the first place!!!   Your

How far back can a landlord go and say you owe back rent?

Generally he can go back as far as you owe the rent. But a landlord can only evict you for not paying the rent, not for money that you owe for back rent. If your landlord acce

Why does katniss think Peeta wouldn't understand about owing someone or paying back your debt?

She belives he won't understand because he comes from a merchant family and hasn't had the struggles she has had, so she thinks since he had more money he hasn't been as relia

You legally evicted your tenant today He owes 4 months back rent Can you collect it and how?

Yes. I suggest small claims court, which is quick, easy, informal, and requires no legal expertise or attorney. A small claims judgment can be collected in the same ways as a

Can parents order a 17-year-old to pay rent?

    Answer     If you're asking whether they're allowed to live on their own with a child, the answer is generally yes. In most states, a female is emancipa

How will SSI pay you back 9000 they owe you?

  Answer     My son (dependent child) was owed around that amount. They have given him 2 installments of around $1800 spaced six months apart and I was told tha

Can parents make their kids pay rent?

If kids are over 18, absolutely they can. I always paid my parents room and board [ food ] after I was 18. I paid 25 % of my take-home pay , whether I made $600/ month at my f

When a parent is incarcerated do they have to pay back child support owed?

In such a situation the support order will remain valid and  collectible. When the person is released from custody the child  support enforcement division for the state will

Do you still owe rent after being evicted?

I work in the leasing business. If someone is evicted from the  property that I manage, that person will still owe rent through the  end of their lease. I assume it is the s
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How long to you have to pay back what you owe after your car has been sold at repossession?

Well after I got my car repoed it took me till Oct of the same yr to pay the lender off with a new charge off amount repoed in April 2003 paid in full Oct 2003 on my Credit R