My parents owe me back rent how can I make them pay?

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You can take them to court if you have a contract with them. If you want to keep a good relationship with them, you may just want to talk with them about it.
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If a property owner owes back taxes on a house and the person who lives in the house doesnt pay rent can the landlord put you out?

Absolutely.....your obligation is to pay the rent...what he does or doesn't do....or when he does it, is absolutely of no concern to you. And your failure to pay rent does not

Who pays for back rent on eviction?

If you were evicted for non-payment of rent, your landlord COULD file a lien against you for the unpaid amount.

How do you make people pay you back the money they owe?

I'm in the same boat with a relative. If they are having trouble affording things, it usually is poor money management and/or that they want things that are beyond their means

If there is not contract do you still owe back rent?

Even if you do not have a written contract you still have a verbal contract if someone has agreed to rent you an apartment for a specific price. Verbal contracts are also enfo

Should I pay my parents rent?

Hi. . So, I am a 19 year old full time uni student. I pay my own uni fees, buy my own books, buy/pay for all my own things (public transport, clothes, doctors, meals - even

Can parents make their kids pay rent?

If kids are over 18, absolutely they can. I always paid my parents room and board [ food ] after I was 18. I paid 25 % of my take-home pay , whether I made $600/ month at my f

When a parent is incarcerated do they have to pay back child support owed?

In such a situation the support order will remain valid andcollectible. When the person is released from custody the childsupport enforcement division for the state will take

Can a court date be postponed until you pay what you owe for rent?

I would guess that your situation is that you will not be able to pay your rent if you take time off work in order to appear in court. The problem with this situation is that