My power vented 40 gallon gas water heater fan motor will not shut off after the tank is fully heated. What can be done to fix this problem?

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Check the thermostat. It may be stuck on. Try changing the temperature setting and see how it reacts. If you cant get it working by playing with it, you may have to have it replaced.
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What's the problem if your AC fan outside keeps shutting off and starts a hissing sound and no air is coming through the vents?

Answer . You need to provide more information on the problem.\n. \nIf you have no air flow inside, it could be the indoor fan is not running. This could produce a hissing sound as the refrigerant is boiling inside the copper but not removing any heat and is causing high head pressure in the co (MORE)

Should the water heater be turned off if the water is shut off at the meter?

Answer . It May Be A Good Idea To Turn It Off As Long As It Remains Near Full It Would Be OK. Just Incase Turn It Off. That Way The Top Element Will Not Be In Open Air( Not Covered With Water ). Which Will Cause It To Burn Out. Also When Water Is Turned Back On. Turn On The Hotwater & Let It Ru (MORE)

What is the difference between a direct vent water heater and a power direct vent water heater and how do you know if you need one or the other?

Answer . \nGenerally, a direct vent must be next to an outside wall or be connected to a chimney that extends 2-4 feet above roof peak (all gases and fumes from the burner will vent naturally). A power vent is used when the unit is put inside the home in a closet or on an interior wall. It must (MORE)

Should you get a Heat Pump or a Gas Heater if you cannot run a gas line to the heater although you can rent two 100-gallon propane tanks?

Answer . I am not all that familiar with propane but it seems to me that you would use up those two tanks in a very brief period of time. Your heater would have to be converted to use propane and you would have to have a regulator or two for those tanks. Not a good idea. If this is something you (MORE)

Heater fan keeps running even after your 1997 Pontiac transport minivan is shut off how do i fix this problem?

The blower motor gets its power through a relay, and it is not unheard of for contacts of relays to stick together after they are de-energized.. As well the (BCM) Body Control Module receives its blower operation signals via the heater control switches, and it energizes that relay. There are so man (MORE)

On 1998 Pontiac grand prix how do you fix the heater air conditioning fan motor?

take glovebox out u will see a round motor it has a flap that opens and close u see it when u go from vents to defrost.under that is the motor three bolts to it one plug in back and a rubber hose in back.unplug it takke screws out and rubber hose junk yard price is about 30 dollars.take time real ea (MORE)

How do you install gas water heater vent?

Answer . [Note: There are critical safety concerns involved here. Read the whole answer!] . I'm no plumber, but I do know this:. You need to determine if your water heater is designed for side venting or verticle venting! . If installed improperly, the water heater may allow deadly carbon mono (MORE)

Heater fan motor will not cut off after turning car off?

Your blower motor relay went bad. You may also need to replace either the blower motor or one of the climate control sensors. If your blower motor squeals or makes a scraping sound it is going bad and will damage the blower motor relay.. JQ

Fan motor on 2001 z24 will not shut off?

There are a few things to check. First check that the A/C compressor is not turned on inside the car.The cooling fan comes on with the A/C compressor. Next check the cooling fan relay under the hood on the driver side of the engine compartment. It may be stuck. Swap out with one of those other relay (MORE)

How do i fix a lawnmower that has water in the gas tank?

Drain all of the gasoline from the fuel tank and replace it with fresh stuff. Then replace the spark plug, which will be no good anymore. After repriming the fuel lines, it should work fine.. You can verify that you have water in your fuel tank by pouring some into a translucent container and letti (MORE)

What is causing my gas hot water heater to shut off?

Thermocouple is most likely the problem but it also can be wind and draft which blows out the pilot light and very rare it can be you have a air pocket in your line or sometimes condensation can drip on the pilot. If you have a flame when starting the pilot light as you are pushing down on a non for (MORE)

How do you shut off the fuel source to a hot water heater?

There should be a brass or yellow accordion looking flexible metal pipe near the bottom follow it to where it connect's usually towards the back wall and there should be 1/4 turn brass valve. if not better get one, and turn off at meter

Why vent natural gas water heater in winter?

If you do not vent a natural gas water heater, anytime of the year, CO and CO2 will build up in your home. Anytime you are burning anything indoors you will need to vent the product. The only exception are 'ventless' heaters/fireplaces/ect. If you use a ventless system make sure you spend money on a (MORE)

Where can one purchase a 50 gallon gas water heater?

One can purchase a 50 gallon gas water heater at a variety of department stores such as Sears, KMart, and Walmart. 50 gallon gas water heaters can also be purchased online via websites run by companies such as Amazon and Sears.

How does the water in the tank of a solar heater get heated?

The sun warms the water, which is normally in thin pipes. The warmwater rises into a tank which is often at the top of the heater.Colder water is then forced down into the pipes where it gets warmin turn. So the water in the tank gets warmer and warmer.