My xbox360 will not read games it keeps saying the disk is unreadable at random timea and the disk is scratch free and i have replaced the whole drive and sometimes the console wont even read it?

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What i did was i looked it up but it said to take the xbox apart because the laser was stuck..... but i wasnt about to take my whole xbox apart so i pressed the open/close button about 15 times and that worked for me..... hope it works for you
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How do you fix a Disk Drive that can't read disk?

ya you can fix it just open the drive and back side of the laser light you will get a screw type component on the chip then take a thin screw driver and just turn a very very

Xbox360 wont read xbox360 disk?

the only resons i can think of about this is :you've got a chipped game and ur xbox360 is not chipped,ur game is broken or scratched,or your DVD lens is dusty or if you smoke

What do you do if your Ps2 says Disk Read Error?

A couple of things . -The disk could be bad and needs to be replaced . - Some of the PS2 older format games need to spin at faster rates, standing up the PS2 helps with spin

How do I fix a disk drive that won't read disks?

You didn't mention if this is a floppy disk drive, a hard drive, a CD drive or a DVD, but the answer is the same in most cases. Don't bother to repair the drive, because di

What fo you do if your game disk for the Wii can not be read?

Have you tried turning it the other way or wipeing the disc clean. If none of those work then you must have been either sold a dud game, have an error with your wii or its rea

Why won't my disk drive read my disks?

Sometimes Disk drives don't read disks due to virus or Scratches on the disk. Best to check the disk first to see any scratches or dirt. if not it may be because of a virus or

How do you keep a game disk from scratching?

putting them back in their case!!!! Always keep games in their boxes, never put them down except in a disk case. Hold them by the edges and/or the central h